You Keep Making Me Weak

Kierha Is a small town girl who's going to London for a blind date that one of her friends are setting her up on, when kierha see's who her blind date is she refuses to meet him ever again, but what happens when he keeps showing up in her life? what will happen when she's forced to see him every day?


6. Open up your eyes.

"Kierha Wake up im getting married today" Jess said "Jess im up im up" "good.... can you go get harry?" "uhhh if i have to" rolling my eyes "you have to babe" "alright" i said walking out the door and to there room knock knock "who is it?" i heard harry yell "Me" "Kierha babe one minute" he took the chain off and opened the door and opened it and there he was with no shirt on and just boxers i looked down at his body and he leaned up against the door frame and smirked "what do you need sexy?" he asked me i gulped "Jess wants you" "okay just give a minute to throw a shirt on.. unless you don't want me to??" he said smiling at me "Harry come on not today okay i want to have a good day" i said looking down "ohh okay im sorry one minute" three minutes later he ran back with sweats and a shirts on "okay lets go" he said closing the door behind him self "yeah okay alright" i said as we walked down to my room just before the room stopped at the door "be nice okay she got cold feet last night and shes my best friend and i jus-" he cut me off and put his hand on my cheek and smiled down at me "Kierha i know" he said in my ear "ok" i said quietly back and went and opened the door.-------at the dressing area------------- "KIERHA I LOOK SO FAT OMFG" jess said screaming at me "Jess your fine" "yeah of coarse your gonna say that your dress is a tight red one that shows off your boobs" she said crying "jess knock if of your gonna be alright come on lets go" "okay your right your right go see if the guys are ready" "okay babe ill be back" i said walking out of the room closing the door and sliding down the wall. i put my face in my hands i just sat there for a bit until i heard my name "Kierha..?" i looked up to see harry looking down at me "are you okay?"  i stood up on my heels but i was still shorter than him and looked at him "yeah just cant believe she's getting married and as for me i fuck up every relationship i have i cant hold a relationship at all im forever alone" i said scratching my head "Kierha.." "i know im ranting sorry.." "no that's not it" i looked into his eyes and he was looking away "what is it harry?" "your so blind" he looked at me angrily then put his hand behind my head and push me into the wall and whispered in my ear "I've been hear the whole time!"  ... "harry" "you think you fucked up everything you know why because your so god damn blind everything you need is right under your nose wake up and see that I've been here the whole god damn time Kierha" he said moving away and opening the door beside me and walking in and closing it behind him i just stood there in shock... what just happened? i walked to Ricks room and walked in and called for him my voice pretty shaky "Rick are you ready?" then harry walked in and sat beside a grooms men at the table and looked at me as i stood there waiting for an answer "Kierha yeah i am tell Jess i love her and i cant wait: he said walking out "okay" i said awkwardly took one more look at harry who was still staring at me then turned and walked out the door. 

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