You Keep Making Me Weak

Kierha Is a small town girl who's going to London for a blind date that one of her friends are setting her up on, when kierha see's who her blind date is she refuses to meet him ever again, but what happens when he keeps showing up in her life? what will happen when she's forced to see him every day?


15. My Final Good Bye.

"Hey mom" i said smiling and hugging my mum "oh dear i missed you so much" i smiled and she smiled back at me "i missed you to mom" "I heard you found a boy?" she said smiling "yeah im dating a boy named Harry"i said laughing "awe i cant wait to meet him hunny" and she laughed with me "im going to go to my apartment though now mom but see you soon" i said smiling and hugging my mom again good bye and heading back to my apartment.  (Powering Phone On)

*3 missed calls and 1 new text message*

'hey kierha its harry we need to talk so when ever you get back home call me okay and we can talk okay.~Harry' wonder what harry wanted i should call him ring-ring-ring-ring 'hello?' i heard harry say on the other line he sounded a bit shook up 'hey babe what's up you called me and texted me?' 'yeah kierha i need to talk to you''um okay so talk..?' i said curious 'we cant be together..' pause........ 'uhh' i started to cry 'baby don't  cry im sorry i just i-' beep. 

'kierha i just heard you and harry broke up what happened?'  'I don't know jess i don't know' 'well im here for you girl xoxo' 'thanks jess, i just knew i shouldn't get involved with a guy like that but i had to uhh im disappointed in myself!' 'don't be he tricked you!' 'yeah well thanks jess just text me later okay..' 'yeah sure no problem babe bye' 'bye..'

i sat there on my bed my bags still at the door and tears coming down my face why did this hurt so much i didn't even want to go out with him in the first place? why was i crying? why was this so hard for me but not for him?

>>>>1 week later>>>>>

*incoming call from Harry my lover.. .incoming call from Harry my lover...* 'what.' 'im sorry' 'save it.' 'kierha let me explain myself' 'i don't want to let you explain your self you knew! you knew how hard it was for me to date someone you knew and you you just broke my heart like it was nothing was this all a game? was this funny to you well congrats harry i give you credit you broke me you got through to me and you broke me pat yourself on the back because im impressed never thought you had it in you but you did good bye harry and dont call me back' beep.

*1 new text message* 'kierha im sorry call me please talk to me!!'  'Maybe i should really take caution when it comes to love... i was so careliss.. you are gone now.. and im broken...i was happy....congrats you have broken the women inside and are being deleted of my phone and out of my heart Harry don't call me ever again dont text me stop trying we are done... im such a stupid girl all we have is gone now this is my final good bye to you'


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