You Keep Making Me Weak

Kierha Is a small town girl who's going to London for a blind date that one of her friends are setting her up on, when kierha see's who her blind date is she refuses to meet him ever again, but what happens when he keeps showing up in her life? what will happen when she's forced to see him every day?


17. I loved you.

*five hours later* i came into the room and saw harry sleeping i walked over to my bed and sat on it looking at the wall that was in-front of me i took my hair down and sat there just thinking.. thinking about what i was gonna do i cant be here with him.. its to hard for me i cant do this! "did you have fun" i heard a tired voice behind me i turned around and looked at him he had his hands under his head and he was looking p at the ceiling "why...why are you hear.." i asked him quietly with my head down "for my best friend rick its not all about you kierha" he said smirking angrily "i never meant that.. you just.. ugh never mind" "no tell me" he said sitting up and looking at me "it was so hard to lose you.. and now i have to see you again that's not right" i said scratching my head "im sorry" i looked at him and he was looking down at the ground "they made me do it" he said looking back up at me "who made you do what?" i said curious. "they made me dump you" he said standing up and i stood up and walked over to him before he could walk away i cut him off in-between the two beds "what are you saying harry" i said angrily pushing him "the management" "you broke up with me because you were 'forced'" i said quoting with my fingers "yeah" he said quietly like he was ashamed "I LOVED YOU" i started crying the shoved him but he didn't move he was to strong i just kept hitting him until i stopped and back away and looked at him and he was crying to "i loved you and i still do" i said one more time quietly then grabbed my jacket off my bed "i-i you,, i who the hell was i to you really" i said crying and leaving the room.

*next morning* 
Jess P.O.V
knock-knock "come in" i heard harry yell as i walked into the room "hey Harold where's kierha?" i asked him smiling "umm long story" then i stopped smiling these two must have gotten in another fight or something huh! "what do you mean long story!" i said screaming practically "she ran off jess im sorry" he said scratching his head "she-she ran off.." i said curious "kierha never runs she always try's what did you do.." i said angrily "i told her the truth" he said looking up at me and putting his shirt on like nothing happened "you ass hole.. you seriously think im going to sit here and just pretend like you are like nothing happened.. you guys were love i know because i saw what i see in me in rick you screwed this up not kierha its your fault and your going to fix it cause im going to tell rick right now harry RIGHT NOW!" I said screaming and storming out of the door.

*two hours later*
Kierha P.O.V
"hi umm can i take a root bear with no ice and a cheese burger with no ketchup and yeah that's it" "okay coming right up" i had to leave i could not stay so i left i walked around out side all night just thinking and i have to stay here with my ex boyfriend who i am madly in love with and care so much for while he dosent love me back how do i do this no one in there right minds would stay.. so why should i?

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