You Keep Making Me Weak

Kierha Is a small town girl who's going to London for a blind date that one of her friends are setting her up on, when kierha see's who her blind date is she refuses to meet him ever again, but what happens when he keeps showing up in her life? what will happen when she's forced to see him every day?


9. Harry where did you go?

i ran out the door and looked around and saw nothing.. who was it? "Kierha you okay" i hear jess run up behind me "No i wanna know who that was who walked out the door?" "Kierha dont get mad..." "What Jess?" "I know who it was but it dosent matter come one lets go dance" jess said trying to pry me with her to the dance floor "No jess tell me now who was at the door." "kierha.." "JESS NOW TELL ME" i said screaming at her grabbing her hand as Rick saw that he came running and picked me up and brought me to the kitchen and "told me to stay here and calm down" i know who it was Jess saw who it was the hole time he was there i know it was harry.

"Kierha?" i turned around to see rick staring at me "yeah?" "what did you do" he said angrily "what do you mean?" "Its Harry he left me a voice mail he's on his way out of town.." "He's leaving but why?" "You tell me" he said slamming his fist into the wall "Rick just calm down and tell me where the air port is i can stop this and make it better!" "no you cant don't you think you've done enough" he said walking out of the kitchen and back to jess i had to go and find harry..

"Hi airport please" i said to the cad driver.. what was i doing i don't know what im going to say to him what if he dosent want to talk to me or see me? what do i do then? do i give up will that be the end? if cant be the end I- I I love him.....

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