You Keep Making Me Weak

Kierha Is a small town girl who's going to London for a blind date that one of her friends are setting her up on, when kierha see's who her blind date is she refuses to meet him ever again, but what happens when he keeps showing up in her life? what will happen when she's forced to see him every day?


20. Exhausting.

"okay so you have two broken ribs.. sadly there is not much we can do about this but keep you here for 24 hours then  give you a bottle of advil." the doctor said handing Harry a bottle of advil and walking out the door "im leaving im not staying here 24 hours" harry said turning and looking at me "maybe its best you stay here..harry" "no i think ill be fine" "ugh your so stuburn" i said looking down at my phone and harry just mocked me i looked back up at him and he was playing with his nails..

i stared at him until he noticed and looked at me and raised and eye brow "what!?" harry said putting his hands both down.

"you weren't being serious when you know.." "what im so confused just come out with it" he said looking at me "not if your gonna say it like that." 

i looked back down at my phone *1 new message* 'hey kierha heard about harry how is he feeling?' 
'fine he's being stuburn as always and then yeah i don't know :/' 
'well call when you know all the details but me and rick are going to stay three nights at this couples only place is that cool?' 
'seriously.. i guess so...'
'k cool love you text me later byeeeee xoxo'
'bye love you 2 gurl xo'

i looked at harry "want me to go ask if you can leave?" "go ahead" "do you want me to because i will if you can do it all bye your self i don't have to im just trying to be polite.." "well then sure thank you" "okay then" i said standing up and walking out the door and over to the office place where all the doctor's are.

"Hi um harry dosent exactly want to stay so is it okay if he goes back to the hotel" "sure just make sure your boy friend dosent hurt him self" he said smiling at me "ohh" i laughed "no no he's not my" i turned and looked at him and he was looking at his phone "he's not my boyfriend" he looked at me and smiled "so is it okay if i ask for your number?" "only if you tell me your name" i said smiling back at the gorgeous doctor "im Damon" i smiled "well Damon i would love to give you my number" i said smiling and searching for a pen and paper i wrote my number down and handed it to him "can i have yours to" i said laughing "sure ill give you my cell" "okay" i said handing him my cell phone for him to put his number in "there you go see you later..." "Its Kierha" i said smiling and he smiled back at me "Kierha beautiful name for a beautiful girl" i just smiled at him and turned around and walked back to harry.

"Doctor said we could leave" i said grabbing his jacker "thank god i was getting bored what took you so long?" "nothing just chit chatting" "okay then" harry said standing up.. and we went back to the hotel room.

"Oh and Jess and Rick are going to be staying at a couples in place or something for three days or so.." i said looking at harry as i sat down on my bed in the hotel room "cool" "just thought i should tell you.." "yeah thanks" he said walking to his bed and taking his shoes off "what's you problem?" "what do you mean i have no problem?" "obviously you do.." "no obviously i don't.. don't just assume shit god your so annoying?" "at least i don't send mixed signals how old are you like three?" "yup how did you know" "this is exhausting seriously harry.." "then leave" "you should be the one to leave harry.." he looked at me and crossed his arms "whys that?" "because your the one that started everything you fell for me then dumped me then lied to me then ugh your annoying." "i never lied to you and i did fall for you and i told you why we couldn't be together just not right now anyways." "harry im no waiting for a life time for you. you either want to date me or you dont its simple im having a nap so shh" i said laying down and closeing my eyes.

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