You Keep Making Me Weak

Kierha Is a small town girl who's going to London for a blind date that one of her friends are setting her up on, when kierha see's who her blind date is she refuses to meet him ever again, but what happens when he keeps showing up in her life? what will happen when she's forced to see him every day?


8. Did you see that was?


"Kierha I don't know do you even want anything to happen?" Harry says looking in my eyes "I don't know what i want... but i have these feelings for you and i kinda of want to express them.." I said looking down and as we danced through the song and starting a new one. "I think maybe we should talk about this after the wedding maybe huh..?" he said looking into my eyes "yeah sure" i said turning around to walk away, he then grabbed my hand and swung me around so his chest was on mine "i never said i was done dancing with you..?" i laughed and put my hands on his sholders and he put his hands on my hips "Kierha.. where did we go wrong?" i looked up at him looking down a bit sad "What.. Harry? what are you talking about?" i said confused at that question what did he mean? then Jess came up to us "Kierha you needed to help me right now" she said pulling me away from harry, i turned around to get a glimpse of Harry and he was starring back at me and put his hands in his pockets and walked over to the bar as Jess dragged me to the bathroom to fix her makeup..

"How are you and Harry..?" Jess said standing up from the bench in the bathroom "Were fine.. what do you mean?" "I mean that kiss you guys had your first dance Kierha i know i set you up on a blind date with him but that was only because you had to walk down the aisle together i thought it was smart and i thought you werent going to fall for him.. Kierha remember about Jason back home... he still loves you and-" i cut her off right there "nothing is happening between me and Harry Styles okay and i promise nothing will if that will make you happy?" i said looking down then back up to her with a fake smile "Okay then! good good i just thought-" "its done with now Jess it was meaning liss kiss! I dont like har-" as i turned around to see the door closing behind someone "Jess did you see who that was?" ...

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