You Keep Making Me Weak

Kierha Is a small town girl who's going to London for a blind date that one of her friends are setting her up on, when kierha see's who her blind date is she refuses to meet him ever again, but what happens when he keeps showing up in her life? what will happen when she's forced to see him every day?


5. Day Before the Big Day.

"Kierha move over your on my side" i hear harry whisper as i wake up and look at him "Oh sorry" i said getting up and out of the bed "you didn't have to get out of bed i didn't actually mind" he said feeling bad "No im up anyway" i said pushing my hair into a pony tail and searching for my phone "Where all going to supper today if you want to ride with me?" "Im sure i can just ride with Jess or take a cab if i need to" "Well Jess and Rick are going out places first an meeting us there so that option is closed and a cab smells like pee and i don't mind" he said smiling at me "I guess so" i said walking to the bathroom then i could hear him singing while he was getting up 'Its time to get up in the morning' i started laughing pretty loud i think he heard me "WHAT are you laughing about in there" "I found your panties on the ground" i yelled back "HA-HA very funny" he said back....... "Okay Kierha lets go are you almost ready yet!" "YES HARRY JUST A SECOND" i screamed back from inside the bathroom "god somebody's cranky" he whispered under his breath "yeah whisper quieter next time buddy" .. "Okay im ready" i walked out wearing a tight black dress with a pair of toms for comfort. "Wowa...." "what does it look bad.. i knew it right?" "NO you look.... Hot" "Oh my good your sick lets go" walking out the door "what did i say" harry saying following behind.. when we got there Jess and Rick were already there standing up waving at us where they were "Oh there they are" Harry said running over to Rick and hugging him like a little boy....... "Okay guys when we get back to the hotel were all going to meet in your guys room and play games till tomorrow  then the boys are going to stay and were going to go back to mine and ricks room okay guys?" Jess asked us and we all agreed with her. when we get back we do exactly as planned and the first game we play is question game we all put questions on papers so it anonymous "Okay so first question will be for ... Kierha" Rick says handing me the bowl to pick a question "you have to read it out" harry says smiling at me "Okay the question is.. how many guys have you slept with seriously do we all get to answer this question?" "Sure" Rick says "I've slept with none" harry says laughing "say how many girls then harry don't be stupid" jess says nudging him "okay but kierha has to answer the question first! since she got the question" Rick says pointing at me "Fine.. 1" i say looking at Jess "No you slept with 2?" Jess said confused "JESS!" "Okay so 2 then" harry says smiling and putting his hand over mine and for once i just didn't care i let him. :"2" Jess says, "3" Rick says "2" Harry says..... after the game me and Jess went to her room and Rick and Harry stayed in are room.

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