My-my life is over .. With three simple words there is no hope ... Three simple words .. The words that left me hanging .... Your parents died . After my parents past away I had to move in with my only left relative uncle Paul .. Turns out he's the manager if one direction !! At least there is something left to take my mind of mourning . But when 5 people hit on you and you like all of them it's hard to choose ..


3. Slow down

Its been two days since I came to London . I was becoming much more confident . " come sit on my lap love and watch a movie with us " he said with his sexy voice. I wasn't gonna turn that offer down ,so I sat on his lap. I saw him giving the boys competetive looks and the boys returned with the stare... I wonder what they are thinking . I felt someone put there hand into my undies I looked down to see it was Harry and with that I slapped his hand and looked at him and there was a silly smile plastered on his face . I felt very uncomfortable . " excuse me " and I ran up to my room . Uncle paul was on vacay and so we're the boys but the decided to stay with me for some reason. I sat on my bed and buried my face in my hands. I knew this would happen I knew Harry was the sex kind .

Harry's POV

She looked pretty upset I wonder why when ever I put my finger in other girls they love it do much that they excuse them selves and bring me with them to the bedroom and u know what's next. But this girl she was different it was the first time I feel this . I had to go check on her. "excuse me " I said and the boys ignored so I ran to her room . I knocked on her door and she screamed for me to come in so I came in and she looked really upset ... " what's wrong " " Harry I know what your trying to do but I'm not like that I'm shy and insecure and I'm sure I'm not good enough for you " and she talked and talked she looked like she was panicking so I leaned in and kissed her on the lips . She looked shocked at first but then she calmed down and I as soon as I tried to enter with my tongue she pulled away and said " your lucky you got to kiss me and now you want to explore too na-a styles " "are you playing hard to get or you are just like that?" " what do you mean ?" "I mean you don't let anyone you know steal your virginity " " and why do you assume I'm a virgin ?" "cus you know stuff" "I know I've only met you few days ago but I think I like you " she said leaning on my shoulder . "Slow down now I never said I had feelings for you" and tears started to form in her eyes " excuse me " she said running of "nice move Harry and I mentally face palmed my self "Casey wait !!" I said running after her I got to her room and opened the door to see her crying "what do you want now ? To tell me I'm not gonna get married go ahead comeon !!" I didn't know what to do so I backed out of the room and left the house with Liam Zayn and louis. I didn't talk the whole way to the mall "what's wrong mate ?" Louis said "I messed up , I messed up real bad " "what did you do this time " "she told me that she had feelings for me and I told her that I didn't " "well do you have feelings for her " "of course I do if I didn't I wouldnt have kissed he- oops" " Liam brought him self forward "you did WHAT!" he screamed " why do you care anyway" " I don't who told you? No I dont have feelings for Casey ? What who told you I think about her ? No I don't dream about her ? Fine I like Casey there I said it . " "slow down panick boy ... So Zayn I'm guessing you like her too?" " so what if I do I don't have a chance with her you always get the girls" "why didn't Niall come " Louis said quickly changing the subject "he said he was tired" I said
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