My-my life is over .. With three simple words there is no hope ... Three simple words .. The words that left me hanging .... Your parents died . After my parents past away I had to move in with my only left relative uncle Paul .. Turns out he's the manager if one direction !! At least there is something left to take my mind of mourning . But when 5 people hit on you and you like all of them it's hard to choose ..


2. Moving to London


As my parents wished I was packing my bags to move away to London . I was partially excited because he was the manager of one direction but nothing enough to make me as happy again. It was two days since the lawyer came and I was done packing . I left a cute outfit to wear on the plane I got dressed into the turquoise dress with a thin black belt and tied my blond curly hair into a high pony tail. I was wearing white vans at the moments but once I was in london I would wear a pair of closed yellow heels , gotta look good for one direction !! I was making my way to the air port in the car my parents bought me for my recent 18th birthday. I was shipping my car to London so I dropped it off at a shipping dock very close to the airport . I motioned for a taxi " Taxi !! Taxi !! " I am screaming for a taxi . Finally a taxi stopped and I loaded my bags and got in " to the airport please " I said . " anything for a pretty girl " he said with a smile . I blushed a little. By 3 minutes we were at the airport and I unloaded my bags and paid the driver. I walked in to the airport a cold breeze hit my face , summers in new York were hot ! I checked in and got through security late and I was running to the gate before it closed , the airport was packed! I stopped before the gate put my hands on my knees panting. I gave my ticket to the lady that stood there and told her thank you . As I made my way to the plane I tidied my dress because it got wrinkled when I sat in the taxi . Making my way through people putting there bags in the cabinets above them and people helping there kids with there seatbelts. " A 12 , A 13 , A 14, Ah there it is A15" I mumbled to my self . I put my hand bag under my seat and found myself sitting next to a girl that looked my age ,she was pretty but her cheeks were tear stained. I couldnt help but ask her what's wrong ."my mom died " she explained to me " and now I have to move in with my dad in London after he got devorced " " but don't you like your dad ?" I said with a confused face she let out a small laugh " I'm not sad because I'm moving I'm sad because my mom you know " she couldn't bare saying the 'word'. "why are you alone on the plane ?" she said looking around for any of my relatives "well" I said "my parents died on a plane crash on their honey moon and now I'm moving in with my uncle " " would you mind telling me his name ?" she asked " Paul , Paul Higgins " I said without thinking " THE Paul Higgins ?? No WAY !! " she said jumping up and down on her seat " why-ohhhhhhh the manager of one direction now I get it , so I see your a hardcore directioner ay?" " only the hardcoriest
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