My-my life is over .. With three simple words there is no hope ... Three simple words .. The words that left me hanging .... Your parents died . After my parents past away I had to move in with my only left relative uncle Paul .. Turns out he's the manager if one direction !! At least there is something left to take my mind of mourning . But when 5 people hit on you and you like all of them it's hard to choose ..


1. Introduction

My life ended in three words ... My life was amazing but now not so much .... I kept re-reading the letter in my hands . 'Your parents died ' I kept repeating that sentence in my head . I didn't know what to do now there was no hope for me to be happy again ... Or was there? The door bell snapped me out of my day dream . I opened the door and saw a man in his mid forties with a leather brief case . I motioned for him to come in without a word . He started talking about how sorry he is and gave me a letter It was my parents final wills and a letter that they wrote before they died . It read " To my beloved Casey, I wish that by the time you will be reading this you will be happily married with kids, I wrote this to tell you that even though we are not with you on the earth we will always be therein your heart. Now that I have passed away you will stay with your family but if you are too young to have a family you will have to move in with your uncle Paul . I wish you will have a even happier life than when I was alive . I wish you the best xx." At that time I think I have almost cried a river . The lawyer just stood there shaking his head looking at the ground. When he noticed that I had finished he said that he is sorry once again and left .
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