We are electricity

This is my first fanfic and well some of my friends had read this and they say that iis amazing, sorry but i am not good writing the story info, so if you'll read this thanks. :)
Dayana Bouvier was going to Mullingar, Ireland, to visit her grandmother, when she arrived in Mullingar, she began to be chased by a gang of drug addicts, she had to run faster and knock someone's door so she could be safe, but in that house something happened, the woman who were living there had a son who's called Niall Horan. In the story they found that together were pure electricity and with every touch they felt an ELECTRIC SHOCK.


2. Don't touch me again!

"Are you hungry?" Maura asked. "A lot" Niall replied smiling.

"What about you Dayana?" "I think... I have to go" "No, I won't let you go alone, eat with us and then Niall can take you home." "I will" He said. "Ok." I whispered and a smile appeared in Niall's face. We went to the kitchen, Niall and I sat down in the small table while Maura was busy cooking the diner.  "You're not from here, right?" "No" I giggled "how do you know?" "If I would had seen you before, believe me, I'd remember you." "Really?" I raised an eyebrow. "Sure" He smiled. He's so cute, I just want to squeeze his cheeks as grandmothers, is just a little boy. "How old are you?" I asked while I was playing with my hands "Seventeen" He replied. What!? He said seventeen? No, it's impossible, he seems so little, I could say that he looks like a sixteen-year-old boy. "And you?" "Fifteen" I smiled.. "Oww, you are a little girl" Maura said. "I know" I raised my shoulders. "And how did you got here?" Niall asked. "I don't want to tell that story again" I replied with a grimace. He looked at me with a tender look saying “tell me please, say yes, please” "Ok, I will"  I sighed " I was going to my grandmother's  house and three guys started to chasing me, one of them took my arm but i kicked him and I started to run till I got here, I don't know what would had happened if I wouldn't be here"  "Really?" He opened his eyes and I just was looking down " I know everyone from here, just tell me and I will kick them in the balls"  He said mad. " I don't know, they were three guys and it was dark so I couldn't describe you how were them exactly." If you someday see them again please tell me and I will do something to them" - He said, he was so so mad. "Calm down, love"  Maura said placing the dishes in front of us. "I love the lasagna" I smiled "Thanks" "You're welcome, but you must say thanks to Niall, he makes me do this like, four times per week" She said  "That's true" Niall said with his mouth full of food. He looked so charming eating, like a little monkey. "It's my favourite food too"  "Really?" He asked me. "Yeah, I love it" I giggled. "Son, eat like a normal person" "You eat like this too"  I laughed loud. "Lies" Maura blushed. It was a nice dinner: Niall eating like an animal –a cute one- and challenging him and being the butt of jokes for her son who was carrying two plates of food. "And the desserts?" "You ate too much" "Moooom pleaseeee"  "No, Niall" She took the plate off before he start licking it "Go take Dayana to her home, it's getting late" "Ok..." He got up "I just... I' just need go to the bathroom" He ran to the bathroom like there was no tomorrow. It took a few seconds in silence that Maura and I just looked at each other looking for something to say. "Do you like my son?" "Yes, he's so... Niall"- We laughed. "He's so special" - She said proudly "A lot" I smiled. "I couldn't have a better son, he's my everything" "Is an only child?" "Yes" She giggled. "Thanks for everything" I took my bag  "You're welcome"She said when a we heard a door opening "Oh, and he broke up with his girlfriend last week so, he's free..." She whispered in my ear. "What?" "I know your heard it well"  She winked.   Me and Niall? No! It's not because he's ugly, no, he's oh my god, he can be a Greek god, but that's the problem, he's too cute, he's a little boy and I need a man. "Maura, me and Niall..." "Here I am ladies"  Niall came back more perfect than he was before. "Can we go no"- He offered me his arm I couldn't refuse so I interlace my arm with his, giving him a huge smile that was only and exclusively for him. "I give you permission to not get home to sleep tonight" Maura whispered to Niall. Of course I heard that. "Bye mom" "Good-Bye guys" She gave me a kiss on my cheek "You can come here whenever you want Day (abbreviation of Dayana)"  "Ok, see you Maura"  Then she closed the door. I looked to my watch and I realized that was 10 p.m, I spent three hours in Niall's house. "It's late, isn't it?" "Yes" I replied while we were walking to Pacific Street. He suddenly stopped and I looked at he confused, then he took off his blue sweater and gave it to me. "It's not necessary" I told him "Take it" Dijo quedándose solo con una polera verde. "No thanks" I refused. "I'll put it on you" "Any other guy would rather undress me than dress me" We laughed loud. "Maybe, but it's too cold here" He gave me again his sweater "Ok" I smiled. I took my bag off and he without warning hold it while I was putting his sweater on, it smelled so good. "What's going on?"  I looked at him confused while he was laughing. It took a few seconds to realized that he was laughing about my hair, he started to comb my hair with his fingers. "Thanks" I said when he finished. He smiled and he offered me again his arm. "Do you come here often to visit your granny?  "No, actually I didn't come here since a year" "Did you come here by your own? Alone? Totally? He looked at me surprised "Yep" "Ohh..." "How long have you live here?"  I asked "Maybe... since I was born" _He giggled. "It is no funny" I pretended to be angry. "Im sorry"  He changed his smile for a serious expresion. "It's a joke" I laughed loud, so loud. "It wasnt funny"- He said when we stopped in front of a semaphore waiting for the green light. "I know you're not mad" "You're right"- He pulled me close with his arm. "How's your life here?" "Incredible, tomorrow is my prom." "Cool, I still have a long way to go in school" "Two years is not much" We started to walk through the street "That's not true but whatever, have fun in your party". "I don't know if I want to go" "Why not?" "Because last week I brok up with my girlfriend and I don't have anyone else I could go with. "You don't need someone to have fun" "I know but it's better have company, but here's not a girl I want to go with" "So it's your fault" "But I want to go with someone" "But you said here's no one you wanna invite to your prom" "Exactly, no one from here"- He remarked the word "here" "Niall"  I took him hard by the arm when we were in from of my grandmother's house "What happen?"  He put both hands on my hips. "That man" I looked to the guy that was going out from the house in front of my grandmother's house. "Who?"- He looked at the guy "That's MArtin" -Él era uno de los que me perseguía- Dije viendo como él cerraba con llave la puerta de la casa. -¿Qué?- Me miró aun con sus manos en mi cintura. The man walked to us looking down and whispering something I couldn't hear, when he looked u, he saw my and he was totally surprised, he doesn't even moved a muscle, Niall saw what was going on and he quickly put his arm surrounding my waist and looking at Marting wiht hate. "Don't make any stupid thing" I whispered in Niall's ear. "I would do a stupid thing if you keep talking to me like that" He whispered sensually  in my ear and made me shiver. HE smiled and I blushed. "Hello Martin" Niall said with all the hate in his words. "Niall" Martin said nervous. "Wait a minute" He told me and then he walked to Martin. I saw how Niall was just standing there looking at Martin and Martin was looking down, to the floor. "Where you chasing her?" "I just..." "What? Tell me!" He yelled "I... I was drunk and me and the guys wanted to... you know... some action... and she is so pretty and...." "You wanted to rape her?" He yelled again "Yes, but that was no just me!" HE said nervous taking off Niall's hand from his neck. "Don't dare to touch my girlfriend again" Niall said looking at him.   He said girlfriend? Wow, that's so sexy, the man defending the woman is so, oh my god, I don't know but I like it.   "Is she your girlfriend?" Martin looked at Niall surprised. "Yes, she is" Niall looked at me- So, for god sake, dont make do anything like that again. "Ok" He looked at me and the he get closer to me "I'm sorry" He putted his arm in my shoulder. "Don't touch me again!" I yelled  "You are aggressive" He smiled "I like it" "Shut up motherfucker" Niall said. "Don't mess with me" He said to Niall "So, don't mess with her" Niall said while he putted his arms around my waist. "I have things to do, bye" HE said, then he turned around and walked away "I hope see you tomorrow in the party" He yelled "SURE!" Martin tuned around and showed us his middle finger, then he kept walking. I think I must go with him to the prom, I mean, he fought with a troublesome guy for me, and that shows me that he's not a little boy, he's a man, a sexy one.


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