We are electricity

This is my first fanfic and well some of my friends had read this and they say that iis amazing, sorry but i am not good writing the story info, so if you'll read this thanks. :)
Dayana Bouvier was going to Mullingar, Ireland, to visit her grandmother, when she arrived in Mullingar, she began to be chased by a gang of drug addicts, she had to run faster and knock someone's door so she could be safe, but in that house something happened, the woman who were living there had a son who's called Niall Horan. In the story they found that together were pure electricity and with every touch they felt an ELECTRIC SHOCK.


1. Let me in.


-Can you leave me here?- I told to the bus rider He just looked at me in the mirror and began to slow the bus and then stop at a corner in front of a bakery. -Thanks- I whispered leaving the bus -I'm finally here- I said while I was looking for my iPhone in my bag. 

It is finally summer and I promised my grandmother that I was coming and I will spend the vacations with her so then I asked my parents and receive a yes from they I took a bus from Dublin to Mullingar, in Ireland.  My grandmother house was a bit far from where I am right now, but I didn't knew another bus which could take me and leave me near from her house, so I decided to take this bus and walk 5 blocks. This corner is unlike anything I've seen before because it has only one output. Sidewalks meet squarely shaped intersection leaving in an alley about five feet long, was not too much but was a bit too dark, but this was the only way to go out that I should follow to get my grandmother's home. I passed the alley and then I came across that street in curve then straight back in, in that curve there aren't houses only had several locals houses as mini markets but all closed and abandoned, with broken windows and peeling paint. It's a bit strange this part because the last time I came alone the story was the same, walking the empty street alone, it is strange that no one is around here even it's seven o'clock, well maybe it is a little late but the sun still shines a little. -Hello beautiful- Said someone behind my back. I did not saw him I just kept walking and I ignored his commentary. -It is wrong to not answer when someone is talking to you- He spoke again and by the voice tone he must have more than twenty years old.  I ignored him again and I started to walk faster when I heard his steps behind me. I did not wanted to turn around and see who was the person that was chasing me, I just wanted to go and arrive safe to my grandmother's house so I practicably started to run.  -Why are you walking fast, sweety?- A different voice asked me. -Don't worry, we don't bite- He laughed and two more laughed too.  I was so pissed off so I turned around and I saw how those 3 guys where walking as fast as me, those idiots were following me I dont know why. 

-We just wanna talk to you- Said the first man who talk to me first. I felt how they were almost running to get me and then I felt how one of them took my arm. 

-Let me go!- I yelled. -No love, not till tomorrow- He smiled. -I told you to let me go!- I kicked him in the balls  -Ah!- He fell because of the kick and I laughed. When he fell in the floor I started to run so fast, I didnt believe how fast I was running. I turned around and I saw the three guys running behind. I felt so scared of what those guys could do to me so I don't know where did I get the forces to keep running because I was so tired and there still 3 blocks to get my grandmother's house. Quickly I turned around and ran to another street while I was trying to hide behind the cars, I looked back to make sure they weren't following me, I think they didn't saw me hiding because they weren't chasing me anymore But the street is so lonely. Where are the people when I need them? and Why there's nobody in the street? I turned around again and I saw them looking for me in the street I was, I'm lost!  I kept running and I know that suddenly my legs will stop but I won't surrender without playing all my cards. 

Think Dayana, THINK! I yelled to myself and there was when I remembered a few words that someday my mother told me when I was 7: “Baby, there are so many bad people out there, but there are more good and charming people, there will be ALWAYS someone who will be able to help, you just have to look and if that person won't help you, there will be other, and other, and other you can ask for help" Such a good moment to remember that! When I came back to the reality I ran to a house by my left and I started to knock the door but there nobody came out, so I ran to the white nice house in the front and I knock the door so desperately.   -Is everything alright?- Asked the woman with short and blonde hair. -Please, let me in- I said crying and looking to the guys who where running to me.  The woman looked to what I was looking and it seems that she understood because her eyes where so opened, she seems like a mother who can't find her children in the park, she took my arm and in a drop of a hat I was inside of the house, safe, and virgin. -Are you ok?- She took my face with her soft hands and wiped my tears with her thumbs. -So, so, really so much thanks!- I hugged her tightly. -Don't worry- She whispered and she hugged me as my mom does- Do you want a glass of water?

-Please- She looked me in the eyes and then she smiled showing me her perfect white teeth

-Come with me. I followed her seeing the beautiful house, a nice living with everything you can wish for, the walls were painted in a light yellow almost white, with some photos on the walls. We got to the kitchen, it was big and beautiful, there were fruits everywhere. -Take a sit- She showed me the table that was at the middle of the kitchen. -Thanks- I smiled. -Here you go, sweety- She gave me the glass and she sat in front of me. -Thanks- I started to drink it so fast, I felt like I've been running for hours. -Do you want to tell me what happened? -Yes- I put the empty glass in the table and I looked at her- I was going to my grandmother house, and a man started to tell me things and then appeared 2 more guys and they started to follow me, they took my arm so I kicked him in a extremely sensitive part and I escaped, first I knocked in front house's door but nobody open the door, so I tried here and well you opened the door and saved me. - I winced -That's so bad, I think you were so scared- I nodded- I'm glad you looked for help knocking doors. -Of course, I was so scared and run to my grandmother's house was such a bad idea. -Exactly, but you must learn to be more carefully in the streets. -I don't think I will to go out for a while - We laughed. -How long they were chasing you? -From the beginning of Pacific Street, where all those empty shops are. -Where you alone there?- She asked worried. -Yes. -Did you know that part is so dangerous? There are a lot of guys drinking and using drugs.

-I did not knew - I said, really I didnt knew.

That's why there were no people in that street, silly Dayana, I need to know more about this city, I dont want to get hurt here or dead. -You're not from here, right?- I shook my head- Where are you from? -I am from Dublin. -Oh… -Really, thanks for everything I... -Enough of thanks, I think you'd do the same if some young girl were knocking at your door. -Yes, you're right- I smiled and drank more water. -Sorry, what's your name? -Dayana. -I like it- She smiled- I am Maura Gallagher. When she said her name, the lights of the house began to flash. -I think the electricity will go soon- She stood from the table - I'm going to look for some candles. Don't move. -Ok- I said when she was already gone. Said and done, everything turned dark and I stayed sited in the middle of the darkness waiting for Maura to come with the candles, several minutes passed and she wasnt coming, I get desperate and I started to think the worst.  

 I got up from the table noisily and when I stood up I started walking with uncertain course towards wherever my feet takes me while my hands stretched out in front of my face pretending to not collide with a wall or something.

Not much progress in my position, by my calculations I should already be down the hall almost to the stairs, I moved forward a little more until I felt a few steps into the kitchen, I wanted me back over there but I turned my eyes forward and my feet step on something.

-Ah!- Yelled a male voice just at the moment you turn on the light.

-Sorry- I whispered. We were less than two inches so I only saw her beautiful blue eyes, he was staring at me too, I was not aware of the time spent watching but apparently was much. -He is my son, Niall- I turned and Maura was standing in the doorway to the kitchen watching us closely. -I'm Niall- He said keeping the same distance between us. -I am Dayana, call me Day if you want- I sat in the coach and to look better his adorable face with that pretty smile on it. It was so tender that made you want to hug him and never let go, he is so adorable! ♥

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