love knocked out

20 year old jade is used to slaving for her boss in the local theartre. then one night when one direction are performing. could a bang on the head and a sweet boy called niall change her life forever.


4. the studio

the next day when i woke the sun was blaring in the window. i looked up and niall was standing at the end of the bed. " morning beautiful " he said in a tired voice. " morning " i replied getting  up a giving him a long hug. when we finally finished the hug niall said " your hair smells like strawberrys " " thanks " i said  laughing . then niall leaned in and kissed me on the lips. after about a ten second kiss i pulled away and said " does this make us boyfriend and girlfriend " he replied with a nod and continued to kiss me. it was a long kiss about a minute until harry walked in and said " sorry to ruin your moment but we have to  be  down in the studio in half an hour ". " so no breakfast " niall groned. " theres pancakes downstairs " harry said walking down stairs. niall followed him  " i will be down in a minute " i shouted . i walked over to the wardrobe and put on shorts a tank top and converse.  i ran down stairs , grabbed a pancake and ate. when i was done  louis shouted " everyone in the car , lets go ,lets go. we all squashed into the car . once on the road zayn said " so jude tell us about your self " .  " well i am 18 , my moms name is lily and she is the person who pushes the food trolly up and down the plane and my dad works at the till in harvey normans. " i said they all just said " cool " " ohh and i also have a cat called hicup and two kittens called french and fries ". all the boys  laughed except harry who said " can i see them ". i sighed and took out my phone and showed him a picture . "they stay with my dad " i said handing over the phone . harry gave one look , his eyes fixed on the cats said " awwwww ". the car turned in a huge gate and liam said " here we are " . we all jumped out of the car  and walked inside. niall held my hand. once inside a tall man walked over to us. niall introduced me as jude his girlfriend . and that man was there manager paul . the boys walked into the recording booth and started to sing. i sat down next to paul listening. wow they were really good. when they were finished we went to the car again. on the way home we stopped at nandos. i was very surprised they had one in spain. while we were eating harry asked me " so what do you think " " the chicken is amazing " i said. " i ment our singing " harry said  laughing. " thats good too" i replied. everyone burst out laughing. when we were finished we paid and went home.

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