love knocked out

20 year old jade is used to slaving for her boss in the local theartre. then one night when one direction are performing. could a bang on the head and a sweet boy called niall change her life forever.


2. the bus

when i awoke i could not open my eyes . i could feel somthing flicking my head . then came a voice " stop it zayn". it was niall and aparentley  zayn was the one flicking me. i opened my eyes. "wow" i said without realizing. i was on one directions tour bus. " are you okay " saiad niall in his irish accent. " ya im fine " i replied. "sorry about knocking you over " said liam from the other end of the tour bus. i could hear singing  in the distance  and so i asked them "what is that noise" they replied together " harry  in the shower ". " wheres louis" i asked  " he is in bed love" said zayn. " were going to our next stop in spain . you can see a doctor as soon as we get there " niall told me. later on we had dinner and after we watched a movie and went to sleep. each of the band members had a double bed so i got to share with niall :)  in the morning everybody was up before me. harry had cooked blueberry pacakes. when i came into the room niall came over to me and said " sleep well " giving me a kiss on the cheek . i nodded going red then the driver came into the room and said " we will be ariving in spain in four hours. so we ate breakfast and soon were nearley there.

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