love knocked out

20 year old jade is used to slaving for her boss in the local theartre. then one night when one direction are performing. could a bang on the head and a sweet boy called niall change her life forever.


8. oww again

zayns POV.

"i am watching you slut". that did it. niall turned around and  ran up to the counter. he tried to punch the receptionest  but hazza got in the way. jude ran over and stepped in front of niall to stop him just as he tried to punch the receptionest. instead he punched jude in the jaw."oh my god jude i am soo sorry "said niall. "its okay" said jude. niall put his arm aroud her shoulder and walked into the waiting room looking back to give the girl at the desk a death glare. we all followed into the waiting room. we all were doing our own thing. liam was on twitter on his phone, harry and louise were gone to the canteen in the hospital to get some food, niall and jude were cuddled up together whispering stuff to eachother and as for me i was playing fruit ninja on my ipad. hours and hours went by until the doctor told jude she could see him. niall went with her.





when they finnaly came out jude had her arm in a big blue cast. her jaw looked okay again. liam got up and said "what did the doctor say" "its broken " jude replied "i can get my cast off in three weeks. with that we all walked out of the hospital and into the van.

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