love knocked out

20 year old jade is used to slaving for her boss in the local theartre. then one night when one direction are performing. could a bang on the head and a sweet boy called niall change her life forever.


11. england

Nialls P.O.V

the voice over the intercom said we will be landing in 5 minutes. i looked down at jude sleeping peacefully on my lap. i shook her arm lightly and her eyelids flickered open. "babe were landing in five"i told her. she sat up groaned and streatched her arms.i felt the plane going down and with a bump we landed.itook her hand and we walked off the plane following the boys. they are so excited because they get to see there girlfriends tonight. we got our bags off the esealating thinggy and walked out to be attacked by paparazzi. i put my hand around jude and we made it as fast as we could to the black S.U.V thatwas waiting for us. 

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