love knocked out

20 year old jade is used to slaving for her boss in the local theartre. then one night when one direction are performing. could a bang on the head and a sweet boy called niall change her life forever.


5. bad news

when we went inside the house louis shouted " who wants to play truth or dare. " we all sat down in a circle while harry got a bottle. "me first "zayn said. he spun the bottle and it landed on niall. "truth or dare " zayn asked. " dare " niall replied looking excited. "i dare you to push jude off the top of the rocks into the sea " dared zayn. quickley nial threw me over his shoulder ,ran outside went up the rocks and threw me in . for spanish water it was freezing. i ran out of the water up the rocks and shoved niall in before cannon balling in .the rest of the boys followed . after staying in the water for a while we went back inside with towels. there was going to be a good movie on t.v after the news. a headline came on the news.plane crash.  ohh god i hate that headline. the news lady said " the airlingus plane from portugal to london has crashed . all 9 crew member and 28 passengers died. 56 in hospital and the rest are ok. and thats the news" . a comercial break came on. i ran upstairs into my bedroom and locked the door and started crying my head off.

nialls POV:  i ran upstair to me and judes bedroom the boys followed me. i could hear crying inside. "let me in" i said . she opended the door crying. " whats wrong" i asked. she could not get the words out. i put my arms around her "m.. my  mom was on that plane " she said chocking it out. the boy  came over to her and put therer arms around her. when she stopped crying her phone went off. " i have to take this its my dad " she said wiping up her tears and going down stairs. once she left liam said " oh my god ". i know " i said with tears in my eyes. "poor her" said harry.

judes POV : when i finished talking to  my dad i went upstairs to see the boys in my room . i ran into nialls arms and nuzzled my head into his  neck. the boys left the room which just left me and niall he kissed me and turned off the light and we cuddled up in bed  kissing. and we must have fallen asleep sometime.


authors note : sorry i wont be able to update as much with school now. but please comment and favourite.

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