love knocked out

20 year old jade is used to slaving for her boss in the local theartre. then one night when one direction are performing. could a bang on the head and a sweet boy called niall change her life forever.


9. back on track

A\N  i would like to dedicate this chapter to SYD! keep writing good girl. and guys im so sorry but im going to have to skip ahead a bit in the story. again im so sorry.


Judes P.O.V

2 months later i got my cast off. i was so relieved that thing was so annoying. so many things happened since then.

. my mothers funneral ( i flew back to ireland for it and then flew back)

. niall took me out to dinner

.the boys did some concerts

.there was alot online about niall and me being a thing

. my twitter account was full of hate

. but best of all niall said on live t.v that he loved me and that i was his girlfriend.

( A\N i just said the last one to skip the adkward moment where the public find out)

okay back to the story: i just finished packing . omg that took so long. we are leaving toaday at 2 for the airport to catch a plane  and im that kind of person  that does like 100 cheacks to make sure i have everything.i looked at my watch 1:30.ibetter hurry i zipped my case closed andput it on the floor. i gave one last look at the room before shutting the door. i pulled up the handle and wheeled it over to the top of the stairs. "let me get that "said  harry taking my case for me. "thanks "i replied. "hi " i said seeing the boys ready to go and waiting at the door. " morning beautiful" said niall coming over and kissing me on the lips. butterflies were in my tummy as our  lips moved in sync. louis cleared his throat and said "i would tell youto get a room but you dont have any time for that". with that we broke our kiss and helped the boys load th bags into the back of the car.when done we got in the car and drove t the airport.  






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