My only dream. -One Direction

The story is about a girl called Hailey and her best friend Kimberly (Kim).
The girls are going to a one direction concert and when Hailey suddently bump into the famous Harry Styles stuff start happening between them.
Read the story for more info lol.:-)


2. The hotel

*Flashback* I was standing in the train with my Best friend, kimberley (Kim), waiting for the train to stop so we could get off. "I cant wait Hayley!" Kim said to me. "Me neither!" I said, squeezing her hand. 

Finally the doors on the train opened up and we rushed out of the train with our luggage and found a bench."uh.. What was the hotel name again?" Kim asked me and tried to find the address. "Kim! The name is right there!" i Said stressed and pointed at the little paper with the name on. 

We were currently walking around in London's streets on our way to our hotel when I suddently saw a shop with 1D shirts. "Kim! Look!" I yelled and ran over to the shop before she got to say anything.
"omg! I need this and this and this and this and that one and this one!" Kim yelled from the other end of the store. She walked over to me and we both  bought a T-shirt for the concert. "alright let's find the hotel now" I said happy and walked towards the place that I was pretty sure was the hotel. 

"room 429" the man behind the desk said and handed me the key to our hotel room. "omg hailey! Omg so exiiited!" Kim said and squeezed my hand. "me too!" I said and pressed the elevator button.. I never really liked elevators since I... "hallo? Anybody home?" Kim said and waved her hand in front of my face. "oh.. Yeah I was just thinking" I said and sent her a warm smile. Warm smile? Is that really what u say? Woah that sounds so cheesy..

We reached our room and were counting down from 3.. "3... 2.... 1....." I said and opened the door to the HUGE room! "ahh!" Kim and I yelled! This place was idvnldpgnejhdjsfh so freakin great!
Sorry for the boring and short chapter.. There's coming more soon.:-)
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