My only dream. -One Direction

The story is about a girl called Hailey and her best friend Kimberly (Kim).
The girls are going to a one direction concert and when Hailey suddently bump into the famous Harry Styles stuff start happening between them.
Read the story for more info lol.:-)


1. "I really Care about you, you know?"

He turned the front mirror back and told me to move it so I could look directly at his beautiful face. Btw.. Maybe I should tell you that I was sitting in a car with Harry, Harry styles aka my boyfriend.. On our way to some kind of camping place in the middle of the woods.. Alone..... In the darkness.. But I was with him and that's all that matters. He pulled me out of my thoughts when he started laughing at my facial expression. I moved the front mirror and he started making funny faces so I pulled out my phone and started filming. When I stopped the movie we both burst into laughter.
I kept looking at his hand while we laughed.. And I finally took the change and put my hand in his warm hand that was Waaaaay bigger than mine. Harry wowed our fingers together.
I really liked Harry.. He was so sweet and the way his green emerald eyes shined just made me want to jump right into them and just swim around in them forever.
His amazing laugh pulled me out of my thoughts and I looked at him smiling. He looked at me and I couldn't stop smiling, Even when he took his eyes on the road again still holding my hand in his and with the other hand on the handle. 

After a while we came to a tank station and Harry decided to get out and get something to eat and drink. I just decided to stay in the car and pull out my phone and log on to twitter. I heard a tap on the window and saw Harry stand there. I pulled down the window and looked into those amazing emerald eyes one more time before I looked down at the ground. 
I could feel Harry gently putting two fingers under my chin forcing me to look him in the eyes again.. Oh gosh how I just wished that I could look into those eyes all the ti.... Suddenly I got pulled out of my Thoughts and I could feel the warm race from my lips to my cheeks. 
Harry kissed me. Harry freaking Styles was standing in the middle of nowhere on a tank station kissing me through a car window. I think I was the happiest girl on earth right in that moment. 
He slowly pulled away and looked me in the eyes once more before saying "I really like you, you know?" and a smile popped up at both of our faces.
Before I got to say anything he fast kissed me on the nose and went over to the door that led to the tank station.
I couldn't get the smile wiped of my face.. My life was amazing at the moment. I decided to log onto my twitter again. I uploaded the video of Harry on my private Facebook since it was just a normal video of him and not something private. He looked so adorable in that video.. It reminded me of when I met him only around 2 weeks ago.
*Flashback* I was standing in the train with my Best friend, kimberley (Kim), waiting for the train to stop so we could get off. "I cant wait Hayley!" Kim said to me. "Me neither!" I said, squeezing her hand. 
So there we were. Two normal girls from England on their way to their favorite band's concert. One Direction. Oh my god.. This. Was. Unreal! 
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