I'll take you to another world(y)

Summer Camp with some new friends and and annoying brother is going to hell!
Well, thats what Sasha thinks...


2. The Cabin.

Part 2:

We arrived at this stupid summer camp early unfortunately. After my session of moaning in the car an hearing my younger idiotic brother, Joey, asking if we were there yet about 69 times, i just wanted to leave already.
Joey stayed around the car park to see some of the people in his group, however i went straight to my cabin. I wanted to be as far away from every one else with my guitar and song book as i could.
My cabin was near the food hall luckily so i could take a stroll there for a snack whenever. It was away from the others, with just one opposite. The walls were wooden and the roof was thatched, like olden time cottages really. As i walked up to the door, i took a look at the list on the door.
'Jade Sanders, Sasha Mine, Lily Tip, Georgia Lamb and Chelsea Paige. Have a nice summer!' i read aloud from the sheet of white paper. Jade just had to be put into my cabin didn't she, damn.
Since i was the first here, i picked the bed just to the left of the door. All five were dressed with a deep purple duvet and black pillows, and  each had a large dresser to the side of it. I reckoned we had one of the biggest rooms as the ones i had walked past looked smaller on the outside. Anyway, there was a keyboard an guitar stand in one corner of the room, and a big mirror on the remaining plain wall.
Seriously, it looked like something cheesy out of that film Camp Rock.
Why mum? Why? Why would yo do this to me?
So i set down my guitar on my bed, along with my tiny suitcase and unzipped it. To be honest, it wasn't much of a struggle to fit all my clothes in the draws since i didn't have too many, but i had enough for this first week. Mum was coming down to visit after so she could take home some dirty washing and bring me some more clothes. All parents were doing it, I'm not the only one, don't think I'm weird.
I had just set my photo frame of myself, mum, dad and joey next to my bed when in strolled two other girls.
One girl had hair similar to my own, long blonde and dead straight, whereas she had green eyes and mine were brown. Rare combination. The other girl had firey red hair and brown eyes also. She was a lot smaller, only looking about 5 ft 3 maybe just reaching the 5 ft 4 mark. Completely the opposite to me, i was an average height for my age.
'Hey, i'm Georgia, this is Lily, the blonde haired girl smiled, shaking my hand and pointing to the other girl.
'Hi, i'm Sasha' i replied. They already seemed nice. I think i'd get along with these girls nicely.
Georgia looked around at the beds and chose the one around from mine on the other side of the door, while Lily went for the one next to it. Probably because the one next to mine was next to a mirror and you know mirrors, their scary on a night...

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