I'll take you to another world(y)

Summer Camp with some new friends and and annoying brother is going to hell!
Well, thats what Sasha thinks...


3. Jade and Chelsea...

I'd been in the cabin just over an hour or so, now me, Lily and Georgia were all just sat on our beds, talking about what we thought jade and chelsea were going to be like.
'Well, i know Jade, shes my cousin, i'm pretty sure that girl hates me' i sighed.
'Really? Why?' Georgia asked, raising her eyebrows.
'She pushed me in a pool knowing i can't swim on purpose, i almost died, and thats only one thing she's done' i explained, throwing my head into my pillow.
'It'll be fine, if she try's anything, you've got us' Lily smiled. I liked her.
'Thanks guys' i hugged them both, just as the door swung open harshly.
'Sorry, didn't mean to slam the door, I'm Jade' the brunette devil smiley innocently. She was flawless, i envied her for that. She was perfectly tanned, had perfect cheekbones, long lashes, bright green eyes, and was slender and curvy. Sigh.
'Hey, fancy seeing you here' i laughed. Georgia grunted behind me and Jade glared at her.
We all introduced ourselves and lucky for me, Jade chose the bed the furthest away from mine. Thank god.
Chelsea was a quiet girl. I didn't even hear her come in just a short while after Jade. She medium length blonde hair, that was currently tied up in a bobble and dark blue eyes like the sea. She was pretty in my opinion!
I introduced myself for the last time, then went back to sitting on my bed with my guitar quietly while Chelsea and Jade unpacked. Georgia had gone with Lily to get our handbooks for us and just check in with the main councillor. I still can't believe I'm here. It's the worst thing i could possibly think of doing this summer!
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