I'll take you to another world(y)

Summer Camp with some new friends and and annoying brother is going to hell!
Well, thats what Sasha thinks...


4. Group 9

Part 4:

Georgia and Lily came back about half an hour after they had left. I mean, i get we've got the cabin furthest away, but 30 minutes to pick up some papers and get back was a little extreme.
'You get them?' i laughed, when they came in huffing and puffing.
'Its not that far' Jade sniggered, deeply engrossed in a stupid fashion magazine.
'I'm one of the laziest people you'll ever meet' Lily snapped. Her hair colour suited her personality perfectly. She was a feisty girl. I really didn't want to fall out with her.
Jade rolled her eyes ignorantly and ignore the booklet Georgia had throw on the end of her bed.
I scanned the front cover and snuck my nose up at the cartoon of a sun and some children around a camp fire.
'Your all in group 9 right?' i smiled, looking for their names in the list.

Sasha Mine.
Lily Tip.
Liam Payne.
Jade Sanders.
Harry Styles.
Louis Tomlinson.
Zayn Malik.
Georgia Lamb.
Chelsea Paige.
Niall Horan.

'Well, this should be an interesting group, i think these are the boys in the cabin across from us, i went to the wrong one when i got here, looking on the door and saw that Liam Payne's name, luckily none of them were there!' Chelsea explained, smiling an showing her purple braces. They suited her nicely.
'Cool' i replied casually.
'As if we got given an activity timetable for each week too' i grunted.
'Shit!!' i shouted, louder than i'd expected. Everyone looked up at me and waited.
'No one told me i had to re take my maths exam at the end!?' i bellowed. I was furious. Miss thump, my teacher back at school said this was just extra credit. She didn't say i'd have to take it again. I was going to fail again and i knew it.
'Wait, is it the level A non calculator one?' Lily perked u.
'Yeah why?' i screwed my face up confusedly.
'I did that paper, its easy, i could tutor you?' she offered. No way was i going to turn it down so i nodded and hugged her.
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