I'll take you to another world(y)

Summer Camp with some new friends and and annoying brother is going to hell!
Well, thats what Sasha thinks...


1. I'm not going!

Part 1:

'I'm going to hate this place, i can just tell! Why would you even make me come here?!' i screamed above the loud radio blasting out above my moaning.
'Yes, you have to! At least you'll know someone here, Jades going to be here! Your hopefully sharing a cabin with her!' Dad grinned, making a left in the direction of the camp.
'Oh yay, my favorite cousin' i rolled, a hint of sarcasm.
'Shes no that bad!' my mum retorted.
'She chucked me in a swimming pool and knew i couldn't swim, i could have died!' i exclaimed. Was that not a good enough reason for hating her?
'Your over reacting! Look, just enjoy this summer! Its only 3 weeks' dad joined in, looking to me, then back to the road.
I ha almost forgotten about the fact that my younger brother was sat at the side of me, bouncing up and down in his seat excitedly. He was 3 years younger than me, 13, and he was really excited for this camp for some reason. The only reason i was being forced to come was because i had failed the most important test of this year, and my options were either to take the F and let it show on my end of year report, or bump my grade up to a D by going to Summer Camp.
This is going to be the worst summer in history of summers.
'Only' i muttered under my breath.
'Look, Sasha, your staying, end of convocation. Just deal with it. You never no, you might meet some interesting people!' mum laughed.
In other words, everyone was going to be complete geeks or ugly.
'Fine' i grunted through gritted teeth.

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