In the background

Grace is a backround singer for lots of different artists such as Leona Lewis, Emilie Sande,Cher Lloyd,The saturdays and lots more famous celebritys.She wants to be more then a backround singer,she wants to be a world famous singer who has her own concerts all the time.


1. The first concert


I walked up to the stage where they were about to pull up the curtains, and I stood behind one of the three microphones set in the corner of the stage. I looked beside me at the other background singers - Karis and Jessie,  - they looked nervous, just like me.The curtains pulled up and I saw a cheeering crowd of over a thousand people waiting for the famous girl band about to preform for them, the music started playing and five heads started to come up out of the floor. The song Ego was now playing, with Una, Frankie, Rochelle, Mollie and Vanessa standing on the stage singing. I started singing in the background, my voice soaring and hitting all the notes perfectly. I could not believe it; I was singing on stage with The Saturdays! My job was amazing, almost as amazing a being a solo artist or in a girl band. As much as I like being a back up singer, it's my wish to go solo

When Ego finished they started singing the next song, Notorious. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the dancers Danielle, John, Charlie and Toby come on stage and start to dance, bodies twirling in complicated patterns to the music, like serpents swirling in the artificial smoke. Adrenaline rushed through my vains. I was finally hear.



When the concert had finished I was proud of my self , it was my first concert with a famous group. There was also a little excitement. Could I have been spotted? Only time would tell. The Saturday's went into the tour bus with all cthe dancers and me,Karis and Jessie "That was awesome!"said Una "yeah,but I am so tiered,Im gonna go to bed.Night"announced Frankie "same,night"said Una,Rochelle,Vanessa and Mollie,we all laughed.

Me,Karis,Jessie,Danielle,Charlie,John and Toby all sat together on the bus and talked on the way our way to our next concert in Cardiff,moter point arena."How much longer?"called Karis to the driver "Five hours"replied the driver "I got some news"said Charlie "what?"we all said in unison "While we are in Cardiff we are changing a concert day so when we get there we have a spare day to do what we want!"announced Charlie "YAY!Im gonna go shopping"said Danielle "me too"agreed me and Jessie.

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