In the background

Grace is a backround singer for lots of different artists such as Leona Lewis, Emilie Sande,Cher Lloyd,The saturdays and lots more famous celebritys.She wants to be more then a backround singer,she wants to be a world famous singer who has her own concerts all the time.


2. 5 years later


Its been five years since I preformed with The Saturdays.Now we all went different ways,Jessie made it as a solo artist now known as Jessie J,Karis made it in a girl band called Stooshe and Danielle is dating Liam Payne,well she was intill they broke up a few months ago.But her,Toby,Charlie and John all made it as professional dancers and run a dance school together.Me,Im still a backround singer,Im currently on tour with Cher Lloyd in America.We finally arrived in LA,Cher went to go and get her outfit ready since she was preforming in 2 hours,I went and got into a navy layered dress.My co backround singers were called Leah and Courtney.

When the concert started me,Courtney and Leah stood in the corner with a microphone to share.Swagger Jagger started to play loudly behind us,I saw Cher walk on stage and start singing "swagger jagger swagger jagger,you should get some of your own"sang Cher.When Swagger Jagger stopped With your love started and we carried on singing.

After the concert I decided to go straight to bed,I was so tiered.There was bunkbeds of threes on the bus so I was on top,Cher was in the middle and Courtney was on the bottom while Leah was on the pull out sofa bed "Night girlies"said Cher "night"said Courtney and Leah "night"I said.When the girls fell asleep I was still awake.I thought about if I did make it as a soloist and what I would sing,who I would go on tour with,where I would go and would I actually make it as an artist,but I had soon drifted into the land of dreams........

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