What a romantic story.

Taya and Louis meet in a little resturant in californa, as they were both on holiday. They fell in love at there first sight, but was it a normal kind of love or not? find out during the story..


2. The Holiday house.

Tayas P.O.V.

Hazza drove us back to their holiday house. Of course it was going to be nice, not like my bog-standard hotel. We got there and we hopped out of the car. Outside there were 2 flower beds beside the double doors. It was beautiful.. " Omg, is this your holiday house? " I said in amament. " It sure is babe. " Louis said. i blushed a little because he called me babe.. we walked over to the beautifully painted white double doors. Hazza pressed a button and entered a secret passcode so we could get in. The double doors opened and we walked into a beautiful room with cream walls and light brown wooden floor, there were pictures of the boys on the wall, at there first ever photoshoot as a boyband. I looked around as we walked into the living room. All the boys slouched down on the sofa exhahusted. I laughed at louis because Niall had jumped on top of him.

Louis P.O.V.

She laughed at me.. I laughed a bit too, then I pushed Niall of me and sat up. " Make space for my romatic lady.. NIALL " I screamed in his ear. " OUCH, not so loud doofus. " Yelled Niall. " well make space for my lady then.. " Louis said. Niall moaned loudly. Taya sat beside my and wriggled around to find a comftorble spot. then suddenly Hazza said " WHO WANTS TO PLAY TRUTH OR DARE? " all of the boys shouted " ME Me ME !! " But Taya just sat there.. " Right, Louis.. I dare you and Taya to kiss, on the lips.. " Hazza said. She blushed and looked at me nervously. We moved closer together and suddenly her lips were touching mine. her lips were incredibly soft. I wanted i to last forever, but finally it ended. " There ya go guys " Louis smiled.

Tayas P.O.V.

omg, i think im falling in love with him.. I thought. Then i looked on my watch. ' 10:43pm.. ' " Guys its getting kind of late, i better go home now.. " I said tiredly. " Oh no you can't.. Stay the night, just one night won't hurt? " Louis said with puppy dog eyes. " alright. " " YAAY " the boys screamed.

We made our way to Louis bedroom as i sat on the bed. Then louis bent down and held my hand. " Taya, do you want to be my girlfriend? " Louis said. omg, i couldn't beilieve it, did he just ask me out? " YES YES ONE MILLION TIMES YES.. " i shouted. i wrapped my arms round his neck and started kissing his lips<3

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