What a romantic story.

Taya and Louis meet in a little resturant in californa, as they were both on holiday. They fell in love at there first sight, but was it a normal kind of love or not? find out during the story..


1. Meeting One direction.

Taya's P.O.V.

I waited in a short que waiting to get to the front to order my food. There infront of me were 5 boys. They took forever to order. It was the blonde boy who took the longest, I heard him say " I'll have 2 ham burgers, a plate of chips, a medium coke and hmm some sause please. " All of the boys shrugged their shoulders looking fed up with him. I chuckled behind them, as one of them with beautiful brown eyes and brown hair looked back at me.. He smiled and said " He's a pig, he eats everything people put on his plate. " " haha, sounds like a pig to me.. " I said. " Anyway im Louis Tomlinson. " Louis said. " Ha, nice to meet you Louis, im Taya. " I replied. " Your name is so beautiful Taya " He said to me with a smile on his face. I blushed.. " Would you like to sit and have lunch with us boys? " Louis said politely. " " Of course I'd love to. " The boys all walked away to find a table. Louis left a space between him and this other boy with brown curly hair and green eyes.

After I got my food i scurried over to their table and sat next to Louis. All of the boys looked at me in amazment. " So Louis, i think you found your girl.. " Hazza said to him..  " Shut your mouth. So Taya, this is Liam, Zayn, Niall and Harry, were a band called One Direction. " Louis said. " OMG " i shouted.. " What? " said Zayn " I'm friends with a boyband, ONE DIRECTION OOOMMMGG. " i screamed loudly so the whole resturaunt could hear me. " yeah you are " Hazza said. " shut it you. " I said and laughed..

louis P.O.V.

After we had finished all of our food i asked Taya a question. " Taya, would you like to come back to our holiday house with us? I-I-Im not saying you have to but.. " I Stuttered " OMG i'd love to Louis. " Taya said. I smiled as we all walked out of the resturaunt to Hazza's car. We all got in and because there wasn't much space Taya sat on my lap.

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