What a romantic story.

Taya and Louis meet in a little resturant in californa, as they were both on holiday. They fell in love at there first sight, but was it a normal kind of love or not? find out during the story..


3. Bedtime

still Tayas P.O.V

After the long kiss had ended i stood up and smiled down at him still there on his knee's smiling. I walked into the on-sweet bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. My hair was scruffy because of the wind. ' None of the boys told me? ' i thought to myself. Then i undressed myself and hopped in the shower.

After the shower i felt refresed.. I blow dryed my hair and put it in a neat bun. Then i remembered i had no clothes.. I opened the door just in my white towel. Louis looked up at me and said " Oh, sorry babycakes, you dont have no clothes do you? " i shook my head. " Noo, i don't " I laughed. " Well you could borrow some of my sisters clothes.. she's 17 and her names Charlotte. Shes not here, she lives with our grandad over here, well only for the holiday but she left some pj's and clothes here. " Louis puffed. " ok then " i said. He got some minnie mouse short shorts and a minnie mouse top. I walked into the bathroom and put them on. They fit perfectly.

Louis p.o.v.

She walked out in her minnie mouse pjs and sat on the bed. I said to her " We could go shopping if you want tomorrow? " " i would love to Louis " She said back. before i could open my mouth she said something really quick. " OH, i better call my mum to tell her im with you boys. " " ok " i said.

The conversation.

Taya : mum, just to let you know, i won't be back for s couple of days, im with a band called one direction.. ]

Mum: Wow im glad to hear tat darling, but just remember we're leaving in 10 days, so dont be gone for to long.. (:

Taya: alright mum, luv ya.. bye.


Taya hung up and thats were this chapter ends.

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