A Directioner Story

September 13th was going to be the BEST day of my ENTIRE existance. today im meeting my five idols. Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne from my FAVORITE band One Direction.


2. meeting the boys

as they walk in, my heart drops.

louis quickly notices me and comes running over. Chandra? is that you grammar buddie? " YES!" i still have your rhryme. "really?"niall and harry comeover to see what me and lou are laughing about, seeing them jelous of louis made me blush. louis points at niall and harry "YOU TWO I SWEAR, are the BIGGEST flirts the is known to man." causing me to whisper "sass mastah from doncastah is in the building" causing the boys to laugh .after liam stopped laughing he respnded with: "I KNEW i wasn't the only one thinking that!"  


~* two hours later *~

See you guys later! i said as i left (with my british accent i use when im happy)I cannot beleive it. not only do i now have their numbers in my phone and i have their twitter accounts, i get to hang out tomorrow!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~END OF CHAPTER~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

:o what will happen tomorrow?

Katie Tommo <3 :) xoxo

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