A Directioner Story

September 13th was going to be the BEST day of my ENTIRE existance. today im meeting my five idols. Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne from my FAVORITE band One Direction.


1. Chandra Marie Lamar

September 13 2012. the best day of my entire existance.today im meeting one direction . and of course today is nialls 19th birthday. My name is Chandra Marie Lamar. but people call me Andi. I have bright teal eyes and strawberry blonde hair that is straight at the top that forms into spiraled curls at the ends. Im the kid to always get bullied by the end of the day. every day im called Ugly, and im told to kill myself because "Im Not Worth It" im strait , but apparently by the words at school , im lesbian. im 17 and i have 3 more days untill im done Uni with a degree in music. I live in London England but in from Doncaster  . I knew Louis tomlinson from junior high, but only breifly. As i get into my car with my V.I.P pass on , Emotions and thoughts flood into my head. Will they like me? will louis reconize me? could i keep my calm ?will i get asked for my twitter and /or my number? Drop it andi. its nothing . im in the room backstage with 20 other people. so far i have autographs from Paul, Andy, Josh, Eleanor, Perrie and Even Danielle ! suddenly i hear the knob turn.

~end of chapter~

oh my god! what will happen? stay tuned for the next chapter people! im trying to write it :)xoxo -

Katie Tommo <3


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