fifteen year old Baliey has grown up in an abandoned factory, with thousands of other children. They hid from the new goverment who want all Wolf Children dead! But Baliey doesn't know this, she was never told that she was a WolfChild. Meeting Devon, she starts to question her life. What was her life before and, could she possibly be... a WolfChild?


1. Trying to run...

I'm almost out of breath. The government are after me. The only image in my head right now, the one forcing me to run through the pain of exhaustion, is my mother being tortured into handing over me. It’s my entire fault … though I don’t know why. I must run for her and far like she told me to. She, who never gave in, was hurt by the very one's we thought would protect us and voted to care for us. To arrive home and see this is nothing a child should ever witness. Ever. The government are murderous as well as stupid. I mean, how could they accuse me of being one of them? I don't stop as I here their mutts crying after me, itching for my blood.

'Psst.' I hear someone whisper. I stop dead. They've found me, but I can't smell them. I have weird talents. I'll number them for you:

1)I can smell stuff from far away.

2)I can hear anything from a mile away e.g. the back of the class room.

3) My speed is incredibly fast.

4) You wouldn't want to come across me in a fight!

5) I have the instincts of a mother wolf, I must protect those I love.

  But there's rustling next to me. I feel the sensation of my nails growing in defense, and I turn growling lowly. Another weird talent, or freaky talent. I look into the distance, starting to smell the gross smell of the Government coming closer. Then I feel a hand, snaky around my wrist, making me turn sharply and calling like a wolf. It yanked me into the shade of the plants, holding a hand over my mouth. I knew he was part of the Government, but they ran past shouting at their dogs. I wimped at the pain around this guys grip at my mouth. He must have loosened off at one point, because I could feel my mouth moving. It felt uncomfortable for a few seconds, then I bit. He yelped in pain, and let me go. I jumped from the hiding place and ran, faster than ever. I felt myself moving forward until I was running, like a wolf. I wanted to stop, but I couldn't. I ran and ran, or galloped kinda, before tripping and falling into a huge hole.I didn't have control over myself, I had been controlled by someone other than myself. I could hear footsteps coming towards the hole. I started to scrap the sides of the hole, wishing to be on the ground again.

'Well, running help ya.' The voice said, before I blacked out............................. great.

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