You wanna know something? This story is pretty much true. the ending, well, it didn't happen. this story isn't going to be finished until OUR story is finished. so sit back, relax, and spend a day in the life of bailey.

FYI: this is 100% accurate. If you know me, please don't disclose any of this.. it's purely for the enjoyment of reading. not a gossip blog


3. worlds largest speed bump.

Hello! and welcome to chapter three. So um. well. how do I put this. Some shit went down last night. Some legit shit. 

{I haven't told you all some stuff I should have. Back in 6th grade, I was bullied online. I also cut for less then a year. I stopped cutting around the time I met one of my best friends. We are really close. I've told him almost everything. He lives down the street from me after all. So we were texting last night, and well...yeah. I have never told him about when I used to cut. I just, never told anyone...}

The first thing he said was that he got hurt in football. I freaked. My mom said I turned totally white. (more then usual.) It turned out it wasn't anything bad, but I realized how much I cared about him. I knew it was time to tell him. So I did. It turns out HE DID TOO. I again, freaked out. He was my best friend. Just, no.

This wasn't happening. It wasn't. Thank god this was one in the morning, because I was scared crying and nervous all at the same time. I couldn't help but want to talk to him about it and oh my god. I'm still freaking out while writing this. I mean this is.. it's crazy. He was just such a light hearted and nice and loveable person. He was perfect in every single way and I can't imagine him ever being depressed. I just couldn't.


I love him too much.

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