You wanna know something? This story is pretty much true. the ending, well, it didn't happen. this story isn't going to be finished until OUR story is finished. so sit back, relax, and spend a day in the life of bailey.

FYI: this is 100% accurate. If you know me, please don't disclose any of this.. it's purely for the enjoyment of reading. not a gossip blog


5. honestly. i don't even know.

i don't know. i just don't. i can't even focus on anything anymore. like yesterday, i went to a theme park with my friend. I couldn't even stop thinking about Y and Z. Even on the roller coasters I was debating things. What's wrong with me. Where is this going to go? 

Well, in other news, i got into a fight today. . I can't write about it now. I'm still in it. -___-


<3   )~ a mouse for your time

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