You wanna know something? This story is pretty much true. the ending, well, it didn't happen. this story isn't going to be finished until OUR story is finished. so sit back, relax, and spend a day in the life of bailey.

FYI: this is 100% accurate. If you know me, please don't disclose any of this.. it's purely for the enjoyment of reading. not a gossip blog


2. A little more backstory.

It turned out to be that this boy was quite shy. He told me he couldn't talk, and then he admitted to being nervous around girls. That was a relief. Now I knew he couldn't possibly like anybody. SCORE. 

We had been texting on and off, and I had discovered a ton of things about him:

- He's playing football this year. (yay, im a cheerleader.)

- He has a pretty hard life and a bad past

- He loves music

- He's funny... and a troll ;)

- He is an amazing artist

- He liked ZOE. Zoe is one of my best friends. But she's also shy. It turned out that he wanted me to tell her he liked her. So I did. She totally rejected him, and I think he's moved on. 

And besides some other details, that's pretty much all I know about him. He has done some flirting.. but then again, the shyness could hold him back from more. Also, he kinda has become my therapist... I told him all about my problems, and he was very understanding ans supportive. I'm not writing much about it in detail because this story is about the future.. and here we go. 




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