You wanna know something? This story is pretty much true. the ending, well, it didn't happen. this story isn't going to be finished until OUR story is finished. so sit back, relax, and spend a day in the life of bailey.

FYI: this is 100% accurate. If you know me, please don't disclose any of this.. it's purely for the enjoyment of reading. not a gossip blog


1. let's get you covered...

Hi! You were expecting a typical romance novel, am I right? 


well you are entirely wrong. :)


So before we jump into today, let's start with a little information about this train wreck.

- My name is Bailey. I'm an aspiring flute player (1st chair)  with a whole lot of past.

- His name is [:ERR3405text not available] 

- Ok lets face it I cant tell you. He could be here.

- We both go to the same school


Ok now that you are filled in.. lets start when I first (formally) met him. aaah... good times...

{ It was the second to last day of school. Since our teachers were feeling generous, we had a whole grade yearbook signing in the auditorium. Not a smart idea on their part. It was so loud in there that I only could longingly stare at the double doors at the end of the room, wishing to get out. Well, that wasn't an option right now. I needed to get a lot done. Everybody expects these long mushy paragraphs containing every inside joke ever created by the two of you, and tons of I love youuu's. When the teachers let us out of our seats, it was a total madhouse. I managed to get through the maze of chairs and people and find my group... But by the time they I got there, they were gone. "oh god." I thought to myself, "i'm never going to catch up" 

The smartest thing to do seemed like waiting by  the stage until they came around to this area. Plus, a couple of my band friends were there, so I didn't look like a total loner. I started to lean into a conversation when accidentally stepped on something. I turned around to see it was a pen. Of course, i leaned down to pick it up.  When I put my hand on it, another one appeared right on top of mine. I looked up. It was none other then the boy I had been keeping my eye on this whole school year. I screamed a little on the inside, but kept a calm composure on the outside. I stood up and handed him his pen with a slight smile. Then he said:

"Hey girl I don't know do you wanna sign my yearbook?" 

I said yes, and tried to look as adorable as I could while signing it. I got his, and walked away, practically screaming. }

A couple days later I got his number and decided to text him, because now he knew who I was.


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