An extremely rare gene is passed through the generations, for hundreds and hundreds of years this gene has not been passed down until now. Mary Willworth has such a gift to shape shift, but she does not use this gift for herself ... she uses it for her lost grandmother. She has been missing for a month so Mary escapes the house in search for her beloved grandmother.


1. Grandmother

Mum turned on the news channel ... nothing but missing people, plane crashes and other stuff but hold on? Missing people? Did I hear the name Audry Willworth ... my grandmother?!

"Mum! Mum! Is that?"

"Oh my goodness it's your grandma! Shes missing? That can't be!" Mother panicked, I didn't know what to do either! No. I had to calm her down. I slid off the sofa to mums squatted, shaking body. Her hands were cupped over her eyes, I put my hand on her right shoulder.

"Mum? It's ok. The police will probably find her and anyway you know how old people are, they get lost without even thinking about it and in her old age shes probably living in someones flat room thinking it's her bungalow" She looked at me, her emerald green eyes blazed with fury!

"You think this is funny?! This is no where near funny! Your grandmother is missing and your having a laugh?" I know I'm in for it now, get ready for the explosion ...

"GET OUT! GET OUT NOW! HOW DARE YOU! HOW DARE YOU! HOW DARE YOU SPEAK LIKE THAT! DON'T YOU CARE FOR YOUR OWN GRANDMOTHER?! DO YOU?!" Dad turned to my giggling four year old little sister and asked her to go play up in her room. After she went up dad stepped in.

"Ok ok now everyone just calm down ok?"

"Richard, get out too! I need to deal with this!"

"Sorry darling good luck" He gulped and whispered in my ear then walked out the door, mum continued to ramble on ...

"YOU ARE A SELFISH, SELFISH, SELFISH GIRL! Now get up to your room and STAY THERE!" BOOM! There's the explosion, pretty scary huh? I made no emotion at all and just turned and went up to my room.

I swear I have been up here for hours! My dad actually came into my room and passed me my dinner! I asked him how long I would be up here for, he said that I'm grounded for two months! Well that's what mum told him to tell me. Later on it was already dark and yes I was still in my room! I was bored! And it was freezing!

"Argh! I'm so bored!" And then I saw it! A window! Perfect! Ha ha ha! At least I could go out for a little bit but it was pouring down! I grabbed my EXTREMELY dark blue, hooded cape from my top bunk bed bedstead. I tried to look really cool as I put it on even though there was no one around me. I span round, while spinning I clipped it around my neck then I stopped. I felt amazing! Like I could do anything! I punched the air!

"BAM!" Oops that was loud! Oh come on! I'm seventeen years old and I'm acting like an eight year old. Grow up!

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