Never Thought This Would Happen To Me

13 year old girl Sarah, Sarah never thought in a million years that she would be standing any where near one direction but she imagined it plenty of times.
The people she will meet when she runs away from home.


3. From rags to riches.

Nialls P.O.V
This poor young girl blamed for her mothers death it is sad that we have people like that in our society, well she is safe now in my house where no one can hurt her and I really do hope she feels safe being here with me. OH GOD I haven't even offered her anything to eat she must be starving to death the poor wee girl. " Sarah would you like ANYTHING to eat" I asked politely " umm yes please" she said with her sweet, soft voice. I made a plate of nutella sandwhichs also one of my favorites, we sat down and had another conversation about her and myself. Sarah didn't seem shy one little incy bit. Oh Crap I forgot I have to go in to the studio tomorrow what am I going to I can't leave her here just to tweedle her thumbs and if I take her into the the studio she will still just tweedle her thumbs. I got it I can ring up Paul and she can look after baby Lux. Now time to break it to her and I can't be rude to her. " Sarah, I was wondering can you look after Baby Lux tomorrow because I'm in the studio" I think I did it " sure it would be my pleasure" said Sarah. "thanks a million" perfect, you did it again Niall.
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