Never Thought This Would Happen To Me

13 year old girl Sarah, Sarah never thought in a million years that she would be standing any where near one direction but she imagined it plenty of times.
The people she will meet when she runs away from home.


6. From my bed, to a park bench, to Nialls king size bed

Niall's P.O.V
We had been talking for about three hours now so I made some sandwhichs for us to eat as we talk some more. "I'm really happy that you found me, Niall" Sarah just said out of the blue " my pleasure" I responded. I think I might just be falling for the girl I found on the park bench. "when it's past your bedtime so I think showers then sleep" I said as it was three in the morning " sounds like a plan" Sarah said after a yawn, we walked up the stairs with Sarah infront of me, I gave her a towel showed her the shampoo, conditioner and soap, then I left her to shower in the spare bathroom when I came out I saw her on my bedroom floor crying with only a towel around her and I was only wearing a towel also, so I ran over to her sat on the floor and talked a little more and she just kept on crying on my shoulder, I didnt have a problem with this but then I looked at her she fell asleep in my arms, she looked beautiful lying in my arms so still. I moved a little a d she woke up and looked at me with her dark blue eyes, "I really should get into my pjs" she said as I nodded, she got dressed and then I got dressed we both fell asleep on my bed instead of the floor, I didn't have a problem sleeping with her but what if she did have a problem with that?
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