Never Thought This Would Happen To Me

13 year old girl Sarah, Sarah never thought in a million years that she would be standing any where near one direction but she imagined it plenty of times.
The people she will meet when she runs away from home.


4. Baby Lux & sleeping in Niall Horans bed

Sarah's P.O.V
Oh god I have never looked after a baby well it can't be that hard… can it. " fish and chips for dinner" Niall shouted from the kitchen " I love fish and chips" I shouted back. I think this is going to work out well… I think … I hope. After I had finished my diner me and Niall talked a little more and with out realiseing the timer and Niall got a big shock from what the time was 2:36 am " crap I'm sorry Sarah I kept you up most the night" said Niall all upset " well the time surely wasn't wasted" trying to not make him feel as bad, a huge smile appeared on Niall's face." well you can sleep in my bed and I will sleep on the sofa" said Niall just after a big yawn " I don't want to kick you out of your bed" I quickly replied " anyway tonight I was planning on sleeping on a park bench" one of my traits are quick responds. Niall gave in and I slept on the sofa after my shower.
I woke up nice and early to smell bacon cooking I went downstairs to find Niall cooking away" good morning Sarah how was you sleep" said Niall in a peppy voice "best sleep I have had in ages" I said with a huge smile. I had to get ready I was about to meet the rest of one direction and baby Lux. After getting ready I went down stairs to meet Paul the boys and baby lux. I had a nice chat, the rest of the day went really quick and all I did was play with Baby Lux until Paul and Niall got back.
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