Songs of the Night

"I listened to her every night, until it came to a point when for me, the music became ubiquitous." This is for the legacy competition, please tell me what you think of it. Word count - 1397


3. Her Legacy Shall Live

The curtains part. I step out on the stage to the welcoming cheers of the audience. The spotlight is fixed on me and I can feel the expectant gazes of the million music-lovers gathered to listen to the tunes I play every night. But today I am going to play something different. Not Beethoven, not Mozart, not Vivaldi but a tune that belongs to another amazing musician who never found recognition. She had created music that exceeded imagination, something beyond brilliance. But the world had never known of it. She disappeared years ago but her legacy has to live on. And I shall make sure it does, in hopes that some other child far away will listen to it and in his heart shall blossom the love for music that I had found so many years ago.

I place the bow on the bridge, the violin held in place on my shoulder, and begin to play the tunes that I had last heard so long ago, being played every night on a cliff-top by a stranger, but the tunes that were still as fresh to me as they had ever been.

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