After being Cheated on by her Boyfriend that she adored, Charley West meets sweet, adorable Niall who she finds herself Falling for. But when her Ex wants her back, she is torn! Will the Band help her work things out?


1. Betrayal

Charley stormed out of her Boyfriend Jake's flat, tears streaming down her cheeks. Jake followed her out, wearing nothing but a Towel. "Come on Baby, We can sort this!". She ignored him and kept walking.

She had just caught him kissing another woman and she was Furious! She couldn't stop crying!

It was 10 o'clock on a winter Night and it was getting Really dark. Charley made her way to Hydes Park. It was her Thinking Place. She ran through the park,ignoring the staring eyes watching her beautiful crying eyes.

She got to the empty part of the park but kept running. Suddenly she tripped and fell. She layed there for what seemed like Minutes. Then Charley heared a strong irish accent behind her.

"Are you ok, Love?" They asked,caringly. It was the most beautiful sound that Charley had ever heard. She Turned around.....

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