Some times I wish I could rewind time

Just as izzy started feeling at home in her new house strange things start happening
She wakes up every night at a same time because of the same nightmare. on the first day of school she meets zayn the same thing is happening to him he lives on the same street as her. she meets the other four boys on the street and that's when it all begins.


1. Every now and then

Hi my name is izzy we just got to our new house its Farley big we have a fiew horses and a dog names sakura we move alot! I got Sakura because I don't have manny friends I got her in LA,last year we were in Montana that's where I got bee,guppy,omen and blue boy my horses I have a feeling this year is gonna be FUN!

"izzy go feed the dog" my mom is always trying to make me more active in Summer I horse back ride and I play with the dog that's all I do I guess it's not enough for her eh school starts tomorrow anyway.*knock* "mom some ones at the door" I yelled "get it" I walked over and opend the door there were two boys standing there one was tall with short hair the other tall with blonde hair "hi I'm Liam and this is Niall were your nabers from down the road." "oh hello I'm izzy" I had no idea what to say I heled out my hand and Liam shook it then Niall. "we umm brought a house worming gift" Liam passed me a box with a ribbon on it "thank you why don't you come in" my mom said from behind me "ahhhhh mom u scared the pants of of me!" I yelled as the boys started to giggle and walk in.

So two nice boys are my naber I might have a chance at that friend thing I was just about to open the gift when Sakura started to bark at a corner in the house then she backed away wining with her tail inbetwen her legs. "nice dog what kind is she" liam smiled "Doberman her names Sakura"
I repliyd pulling her away from the corner "cool" Niall said cheerfully.
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