I can't change

A tale about 6 boys at a university; Niall, Liam, Louis, Harry, Zayn and Josh. There is un-deniable love spurting between them. But is it bromance or romance? Warning: Mature scenes of intimacy.


2. Room 24 and Room 26

Niall, Liam, Josh and Zayn walked out Nandos, nobody really said anything until they got back to the apartments.

Niall and Josh lived in Room 22, Liam and Zayn lived in Room 24 and of course Harry and Louis were in the 'famous' Room 26.

"We'll see you guys later!" Said Josh as he waved off Liam and Zayn. Niall followed Josh into their apartment.

"Bye," Said Liam. He opened their apartment door and him and Zayn walked in.

They both jumped on the couch and sighed of relief, today had been a long hard day at University. 

"Stick a film on?" Asked Zayn as he went to the fridge. "But not Toy Story," he added.

Liam laughed, "How bout 'The Inbetweeners'?".

"Sure," Zayn said and dug out a 6 pack of beer. He returned to the sofa and Liam  sat down too.

Zayn picked up a can and cracked it open, "want one?" He asked Liam.

"You know I don't drink.." Said Liam and pressed play for the DVD.

"Come on, I don't wanna have to drink all of these by myself, I don't wanna be drunk alone," He said and swished one around Liam's face.

"No." Said Liam, slightly annoyed. He pushed the can out of Zayn's hand making Zayn drop it on his lap.

"Shit!" Exclaimed Zayn as he felt the cold beer sink through his jeans onto his skin.

"Oh Zayn, I'm so sorry!" Liam said jumping up.

Liam bent down on the floor, Zayn still sat on the couch, Liam rubbed his sleeve on Zayn's lap.

Zayn froze, what was happening? From day one he had loved Liam but had been too scared to admit it, for years he had kept it too himself, slowly dying inside. The boys had tried to set him up with girls but he just wasn't interested, all he was interested in was Liam. His best friend. And now he was rubbing his lap, but his pace was slowing down. Liam slowly looked up at Zayn, Zayn slowly looked down at Liam, they shared an intimate moment before Liam quickly stood up.

"I'm sorry, Zayn." He said as he sat back down on the sofa.

"Damn it!" Thought Zayn. "I should've kissed him."

Zayn rushed upstairs to change and shedded a few tears along the way, silent ones of course. He sighed before returning downstairs. 

Liam shot a smile at him, as if the intimate moment hadn't have happened. "I paused it for you," he said.

"Thanks," Zayn said as he picked up another beer.

They both awkwardly watched 'The Inbetweeners' not really saying much too each other, all they could think about was the moment they both stared into each others eyes with lust, pure lust.


"I do love you," Said Harry as he ran his fingers through the hair at the back of Louis' head.

"I love you too," Said Louis as he breathed hot air on Harry's cheek.

They lay together on the bed, Louis leaning on Harry's chest.

"So, how should we do this?" Louis asked eagerly.

"What do you mean?" Asked Harry, he didn't say it with much expression because he knew what Louis meant, Louis wanted sex.

"You know, urm," Began Louis. "Sex," he whispered in a low, quiet voice.

"I'm not ready for that Lou," Said Harry and patted Louis head.

"Are you ready for this?" Louis asked then laughed.

He stuck his hand down Harry's pants, making Harry close his eyes with enjoyment.

"Louis, no," Harry whispered, secretly wanting Louis to carry on.

"Louis, yes!" Louis argued, still with his hands down Harry's pants.

"I... no.. Louis, please," Said Harry, biting his bottom lip hard.

Louis just ignored him and carried on, Louis pressed his lips hard against Harry's. They rolled over and Louis pulled his hand out Harry's pants as they started to intensely make out.

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