I can't change

A tale about 6 boys at a university; Niall, Liam, Louis, Harry, Zayn and Josh. There is un-deniable love spurting between them. But is it bromance or romance? Warning: Mature scenes of intimacy.


3. Room 22

"What do you wanna do Josh?" Asked Niall. He wanted to forget about the girl he'd seen in Nandos, Jenna.

"We could have a sesh?" Asked Josh.

"Sweet," Said Niall and grabbed his guitar, they went over to the corner of the apartment where Josh's drums were.

"What shall we play?" Asked Josh.

"How bout a bit of 'Stereo Hearts'? I like that one," Said Niall and tuned his guitar.

"I'll give you a couple of beats and you can jump in after 4, ok?" Said Josh and picked up his drum sticks, getting them properly positioned.

"Sure," Said Niall and grinned.

Josh made a few noises on the drums and softened as Niall played his guitar and sung.

"My hearts a stereo, it beats for you so listen close. Hear my thoughts in every no-o-ote." Began Niall.

His voice was so angelic Josh caught a tear in his eye and looked at his little buddy giving it his all in their apartment. Josh was focused so much on Niall he stopped drumming, his mind caught on Niall, he was so beautiful, his voice was pure perfection, sounding like angels up in the heavens.

"Erm, Josh? This is your queue..." Said Niall.

"Right," agreed Josh and gently tapped on his drums.

"You okay?" Asked Niall after the sesh, Niall wiped sweat from his forehead in a manly way.

"Oh god." Josh whispered. 

"Huh?" Asked Niall, he flexed his eyesbrows and twisted his snapback.

"I'm okay, thanks. Are you? I know you keep thinking about that girl from Nandos." Josh said, changing the subject.

"Jenna," Niall corrected. "Yeh, I keep thinking bout her."

"Don't worry bro." Josh said and dropped his drum sticks.

"We should turn in for the night," Josh added.

Niall nodded, "yeh, it's 11.

Josh walked into the bathroom, shoved the plug in the sink and ran the hot water, he looked at himself in the mirror and shook his head. He dipped his hands into the water and splashed it over his face letting the water run down his face and onto his dark green shirt.

There was a light tapping on the door, "Josh? I'm going round to Liam&Zayn's for an hour, you coming?"

Josh wiped the water away from his face with a flannel, "nah."

"Ok, mate, see you in a little while, don't lock the door." Niall said.

Niall counted the steps as he walked away.



3, 4, 5, 6...

7, 8 ...




He closed the door to room 22 and bounded on down to room 24.



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