I can't change

A tale about 6 boys at a university; Niall, Liam, Louis, Harry, Zayn and Josh. There is un-deniable love spurting between them. But is it bromance or romance? Warning: Mature scenes of intimacy.


1. Lecture

Harry froze, he couldn't do it. He could feel Louis eyes glued on him, Harry breathed out in a panic, trying to calm himself. He was so hot and bothered, sweat was dripping from his neck down his spine. He breathed out once more and turned slowly to face Louis, who just winked at him. 

"Harry, what are you doing?!" Harry heard. He jumped out of his skin, had a mini heart attack and looked up at the man giving the lecture. He was wearing an ugly purple suit with noticeable ankle swingers, his glasses held loosely on his screwed up face.

"Urm," Began Harry, he thickened his voice.

The man rolled his eyes and continued his lecture.

Harry sweeped his curls and sighed, he could still feel Louis looking at him somehow. Harry looked to his left at Niall, his Irish friend, he was eating biscuits. Niall noticed Harry looking at him, he swallowed the remainder of the biscuit and smiled at Harry.

"Want one?" He said and waved one at Harry. His strong Irish accent whirled around in Harry's brain.

Harry shook his head, his curls bobbled side to side. Niall shrugged and channeled 3 biscuits into his mouth, making them vanish.

"Alright, everyone, remember your papers due in on Tuesday, thank you." Said the man giving the lecture Mr. Swatt.

Harry looked around, everyone was leaving, except his 5 other friends; Zayn, Liam, Niall, Josh and Louis.

"Harry? You coming?" Asked Liam. He patted Harry on the shoulder eagerly. 

Harry sat for a moment, still, thinking. "Actually, nah, no, I'll .. catch up with you." He said and smiled a weak, watery smile.

"Me too," called out Louis. He rubbed his hands on Harry's neck.

"Alright then, see ya," Said Zayn, he waved goodbye to them as the boys left in opposite directions.

Louis jumped around a bit down the University corridor and swung his arm around Harry's neck and brought him in close to him and whispered in his ear, "what's wrong?" He released the grip on Harry's neck and continued to walk down the corridor.

Harry's hands were dug deep into his pockets. "Dunno." Harry said quietly whilst shrugging.

Louis purred into Harry's ear just the way he knew he liked. Harry shivered in joy and smiled at Louis. They approached their apartment; room 26, famous for the wild parties and sleepless nights. They stepped inside and Louis pushed Harry onto his single bed.

"Louis, no, not now... please," he said and tried to get up.

Louis bent down and whispered in his ear, "I can please you." He laughed, so did Harry.

"I know," said Harry before pulling Louis on top of him on the bed, their lips met.

"I love you," Louis said seductively.

"We can't do it here though Lou, not now, everyone is in their rooms, we'll have to wait till later." Harry said giving Louis one final kiss.

Meanwhile at Nandos Niall was ordering some Nandos to go.

"No, no, I want the large please... yeah, extra sauce please. Oh, and chips... yeah... thanks." Said Niall to the waitress. He winked at her and she blushed before walking away to the kitchen.

"Wow, she's hot," Niall said and elbowed Josh.

"I know, you should ask her out Niall," Said Josh and winked at Niall.

Niall laughed, "haha, I dunno." He said as he finished off his last chip.

"I'm so full, how can you eat more Niall?" Laughed Liam.

"Easy," Niall replied.

"Speak for yourself," chuckled Zayn, the rest of the boys laughed.

"Hey Niall," said Josh. He pointed to the girl. "Look, it's her."

She came over to the table and quickly blinked her eyelashes at Niall, "here's your order Sir," she said in a flirty way.

"Thank you," said Niall, he took the plate from her making sure he touched her hand. 

Josh elbowed him hard in the rib-cage.

"Josh you cu...." Began Niall. "So, what's your name?" He asked the girl as he went bright red of embarrassment. He pulled his snapback further down towards his face.

"Jenna, and you are?" Asked the girl. She poured Niall some more of his drink.

"Nice to meet you Jenna, I'm Niall, wonna come for a drink sometime.. or?" Asked Niall.

"Sounds great, do you.. want my number..?" She asked and gave Niall a grin.

"Yeah, please." Niall replied.

"Jenna?!" A voice came from the kitchen.

Jenna looked up in worry and put her hand on Niall's hand. "Niall. I'm so sorry, I have to get on with work, I'm not even supposed to be talking to you." She said and rapidly ran away into the kitchen.

"Fuck sake," said Niall downing his drink...



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