Somewhere sometime somethings

At times we encounter certain things in life which makes us ponder whether normal life is good or not.Whether we can accept things which are beyond our control still carry on with life.Somewhere, sometimes we may encounter somethings which makes us rethink about everything.

And in that week, this is how Amy felt, did that week changed her life or did she changed her life. How and why it happened she don't have any explanation for that, may she will bury it like a secret deep inside her heart, may when time will come she will tell the truth to someone.But till that time it will be guarded by her heart strongly fervently.And she will carry on with life better than ever.


7. The way

Amy had a peaceful sleep on the huge bed like she has been sleeping on the same bed for years. The night was so peaceful,calm and quiet with soft whispering of the wind.

Amy never had that kind of experience.Midnight she woke up as the window was left open and cold air was coming in.She got up to close the window, and there she saw something amazing.

A light pink light in the a beautiful pattern, a whirlpool kind of pattern, something she didn't understand,but it was so beautiful and amazing and she couldn't take her eyes off it. It was as if it was inviting her towards it. She stood at window and admired it and was lost in the beauty of the pattern.

She stood at window for sometime and then moved back and drifted off to sleep.But her mind was struck on the pattern.She decided to ask the caretaker about it and explore further on that.

This place has some beauty which was very mysterious yet very mesmerizing,something really nice,just that she didn't what it is why she is so attracted to it. Like she had some previous connection to the place.Something deep inside her heart told that there is a connection,but what she was yet to figure it out. 

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