Somewhere sometime somethings

At times we encounter certain things in life which makes us ponder whether normal life is good or not.Whether we can accept things which are beyond our control still carry on with life.Somewhere, sometimes we may encounter somethings which makes us rethink about everything.

And in that week, this is how Amy felt, did that week changed her life or did she changed her life. How and why it happened she don't have any explanation for that, may she will bury it like a secret deep inside her heart, may when time will come she will tell the truth to someone.But till that time it will be guarded by her heart strongly fervently.And she will carry on with life better than ever.


16. The twist of fate


But, fate  had other designs. Becca told Rex she wanted to go to countryside for few days, and he took him to that villa where Amy was staying.

Her intentions were something else. She wanted something from Rex,something which he never expected. She wanted his life, his blood ,to save someone.

Someone who was close to her heart ,whom she loved. That night nothing happened, she did all this to save someone.Love,you can never understand what it makes you do.

Becca’s true love was her best friend Maxwell Brandon, after her parents died, his family took care of her, they were childhood friends, loved each other madly for god knows when. But,Maxxy her Max was not a human, he was a Kamihna,a creature of dark, who used to turn into a wild beast and then go around killing.

Every month on a no moon day, he used to turn. It was in his blood, it was a secret, no one knew of this.Max did not want to be killer, so they created a secret hiding place in the forest, before turning he used to tie himself with chains to avoid hurting anyone, lest his lovely Becca. But he ended up beating her, his anger on her, and their love was dying, and Becca wanted to save it.And,that day Becca, shot Rex to save her Max’s hiding place.

Becca,wanted a cure for this problem,so that he and she can stay togather forever,and she spent days and months and years roaming around different places,studying black magic to free her love from the shackles of pain and horror,to be with him forever.

And,once roaming she met this lady, a powerful witch, who used power of nature to solve supernatural happenings and help creatures of dark. She told Kamihna was creature which was created due to a curse. And Max’s family long time ago killed an innocent girl as she had an affair with a guy from Willis family, and after the girl died, the boy died of grief and committed suicide. Seeing these sad happenings, the mother of the boy cursed Max family that no guy will be able to live life, and they will turn into this horrible creature and will be monsters.

Max whole family suffered it, and the woman who loved them always bore the burnt of the curse.Everytime Max turned, he will come for her, will try to kill her, although chained and when he is not that horrible creature, he will angry with her, and every night she will bear the brunt of his anger. He was blinded with rage, and with her obsession with him. He beat her day in day out, more of dark he was becoming creature of day, killing her every night.

Becca was determined to end this. And the only solution the witch told was to kill a Willis, and then feed the blood to Max.

But he should be killed by the girl, who bore his child and whom he loved. So she made him fall in love with her, married him, carried his child, and now she was going to stab him in his heart.

She was sad, but she promised to end this horrible circle.

And when the day,came,she took him to the cottage, told Max to wait outside.

Becca, called Rex to show her the beautiful garden he created in the cottage and the colorful pink lightening he had arranged for her and when she came out with the dragger.

She told him to sit and told her entire story, the curse, the torture everything, and Rex did not understand why she is bringing all this now and that was when she stabbed him, in his heart and heard him shout , “Becca no don’t do this, this is not worth it, you have to think and act, use your heart, Becca you are better than this, please Becca, it’s me, please.” But she could not hear a thing, she killed him and before he died, he just said I wish you a perfect life my love.

She rushed to give Max the blood but he drank it but  rejected her saying she was carrying another man’s child and no matter what he will not have it.She lost her love, her husband who loved her madly and her lovely life and then at that time, before she could process what she did,Max killed her and then killed himself. And, there she lay, where that barren land is there,for he made her a killer like him,so for good he ended all,Becca,Max,the unborn child and Rex,all gone.

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