Somewhere sometime somethings

At times we encounter certain things in life which makes us ponder whether normal life is good or not.Whether we can accept things which are beyond our control still carry on with life.Somewhere, sometimes we may encounter somethings which makes us rethink about everything.

And in that week, this is how Amy felt, did that week changed her life or did she changed her life. How and why it happened she don't have any explanation for that, may she will bury it like a secret deep inside her heart, may when time will come she will tell the truth to someone.But till that time it will be guarded by her heart strongly fervently.And she will carry on with life better than ever.


15. The story


My master Rexnord as his name goes, Rexford Benjamin Wills The third, named after his grandfather, born on 10th December,1826.His father was the Lord of this place, and they owned this entire town, and he was one of the closest to king. That was year my great great grandfather joined Wills family, from that time we have been loyal to them to this day.

As I have heard,Rex,was  a great man, a man of words, a man of perfection, a man of knowledge par excellence, a man in all sense. People were in awe of him, his qualities, he was a charmer, his family adored him. But strangely, a man of such fine qualities could not find a bride matching, all though he had women going crazy, even in that age for him. His parents wanted him to find a girl, who can carry forward the family name and give Rex Love and affection, he deserved. All wealthy, rich people even kings, aristocrats send proposals of their daughters, nieces for Rex, but nothing interested him. It was told to me, that he was looking for a lady, who had a mind of her own, who was confident enough, his views were different from that age, he was always very progressive.

This was only place, where one could find blue roses, and Rex had a beautiful garden, for hours he will sit there and sing, and that song which Amy heard always was also composed by him.

Then, one day inevitable happened Rex fell in love. Or was made to fall in love.

He went for a hunting trip with his friends, and while hunting he went farther into forest, he was about to shoot at a deer, when an arrow actually hit him. He fell down his horse, and looked up, and there she was standing, a blonde beautiful girl, in a white flowing gown.Rex wondered if she goddess and dropped from heaven for him. He was awestruck, he was in love. And then, he heard a sound, “Are you human? How can you kill these innocent animal, can’t you use your eyes, you rich, no matter what just want your pleasure, no matter which gets pain or hurt.” Rex stood up, he was so mesmerized that he did not know what to reply.

Then, his hunting party came over, the soldiers protecting Rex,saw what happened, and arrested her immediately, for hunting son of the Lord.

Rex was taken aback by her courage, her feistiness, her boldness, the precision of her aim, he voice, her eyes, her beauty.Yes,she is the one.

He rushed back to his palace, to free her. And when he ordered her released, she came next to him and looked him in his eyes and told this, “I don’t regret what I did, and I won’t aplogise,My Lord.”

Rex gave his beautiful smile and told her, “Don’t regret,my fair maiden, for you have done no wrong.”

And she rushed out and went off his sight.

He stood their, and decided he will win her love and she will be his one and only.



He went out to search her, he did not even have a name for her, only that glowing face.Days,months passed nothing happened, his heart was aching with sorrow.

He built this palace for her, but where was she. His parents wanted him to forget her, a simple plain girl, not worthy of a Lord. But love blinds a man, that he his mind can’t reason his heart.

And, after many days, one day while passing a village, he heard a voice,singing,and he was drawn to it and there in that small mud house, stood the woman of his dreams.

He stood near gate, she saw him, and gave look anger. Resaid sorry to her to come into her house like this.

She told him to come inside and offered him to sit and gave tea.Rex told her he wanted to thank her for the valuable lesson she gave him. That is when she told he name is Rebekah and she is an orphan who works in fields to make a living. She told him as Lord of the land, it is not fair for him to visit a peasant’s home, and it may lead to wrong impression about her.

Rex was awed by her straightforward nature, he knew he was in love.

After that encounter with Rebekah,Rex met her many times. And then one day, when he was passing through her house, he heard strange noises,weeping,he got concerned he went inside, there she was, she looked beaten and she was not herself. She saw him and screamed and came to him. He held her in his arms, she fainted and he took him up in his arms and took her to this palace.

There he nursed her back, never asking her about that night. He loved her, and that woman made him more man.She changed his way of living,they spent hours chatting in that garden full of blue roses.Rex singing to her, all the sketches of Rex were made by Rebekah, he used to call her Becca, it was friendship but love had blossomed. Though the royals did not like it, but Rex was adamant and he wanted to marry her.

Everything was set, the beautiful palace was ready for wedding of a lifetime, all set, Becca the lovely bride,Rex her man, they were meant for each other, they defined love. The wedding was perfect, and marriage was perfect. They love they shared made even Gods jealous.

But, one thing was a mystery, what happened to Becca, that night when Rex got her here.

But all that does not matter, their life was perfect.

Few years,passed,Becca was expecting a child,their love was complete, the family was going to be complete.

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