Somewhere sometime somethings

At times we encounter certain things in life which makes us ponder whether normal life is good or not.Whether we can accept things which are beyond our control still carry on with life.Somewhere, sometimes we may encounter somethings which makes us rethink about everything.

And in that week, this is how Amy felt, did that week changed her life or did she changed her life. How and why it happened she don't have any explanation for that, may she will bury it like a secret deep inside her heart, may when time will come she will tell the truth to someone.But till that time it will be guarded by her heart strongly fervently.And she will carry on with life better than ever.


6. The first step

By the time Amy reached the mansion it started raining , the gatekeeper smiled at her and showed her parking space.The way he smiled it was as if he knew her.But all that is a part of hospitality which Amy knows very well, after all she was going to put the pictures of this beautiful mansion in her well know magazine and it seems that they will benefit by the feature, so all this is expected.But still the smile seemed familiar.

She quickly parked her car, and ran for the door.

The caretaker was at the door,waiting for her with a towel.God Bless Him thought Amy, and when she took the towel it seemed the softest thing she ever held.It had a sweet smell, which was very unusual.A scented towel for her,well that was fancy,thought Amy,these people have taken a magazine feature very seriously.She chuckled inside her.And decided to go with it and see what is in store for her in this fancy place.

The first thing she did was checking her mobile for signal.She wanted to tell Max and her family that she reached safely and is fine.And unlike spooky movies the network was full and phone was working perfectly.She called Max and her parents and told them that she is fine.

She went to her room and changed and meanwhile the caretaker had laid a sumptuous meal on the table.Amy came down and thanked him for the same.

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